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Amount of Protien, Carbs, Fat?


Whats a good proportional amount of protein v. carbs v. fat? I was thinkin around 175g protien, 125g carbs, and no more than 75g of fat... I'm trying to stay within 2400-2800 calories aswell. I'm gearing towards fat loss with my workouts helping. I'm new at planning nutrition this way, so any help is welcome,
thanks guys


That's too much information, would you mind making that shorter and less detailed?


If you dig through the archived articles there are a huge number of great articles on nutrition.


Sounds fine, but know this:
175g protein, 125g carbs, and 75g of fats come out to less than 2000 calories. So eat more.


I thought this was the beginners forum...


OP, what are your training goals? In the past month, you've shared in a few of your posts that you're training for strength and athleticism, then...I think gaining?...then fat loss now? Correct me if I'm wrong. First step is to figure out your goal. Then come at us with stats of yours (bodyweight, body comp, etc.), because these things will influence what a good cutting diet would look like for you. Additionally, we need to see what your daily diet looks like. The sources of those macros makes a big difference.


If he knows how many calories and macros he's eating, then he probably knows his weight, bodyfat percentage, and has a workout schedule.