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Amount of Hormones in Treated Beef

Its been discussed on here many times before about grass fed beef being better for you than hormone treated beef. That I don’t disagree with, but I’ve always wondered how much better for you grass fed beef is than the treated stuff. So, I was reading The Progressive Farmer this morning and came across an interesting little article talking about grass fed beef vs. treated beef. Here’s what was said:

"Estrogen in Untreated Steer = 1.1 nanograms

Estrogen in Implanted Steer = 1.4 nanograms

Estrogen in Soybean Oil = 189,133 nanograms

Estrogen in Milk = 13.6 nanograms

Estrogen in Wheat Germ = 1,013

A nanogram is one part per billion, and this content is based on a portion size of 100 grams. If those facts don’t make your case, point out that anyone concerned about hormones needs to look no further than their local Health Care Clinic. One prescription birth control pill can contain as much estrogen as 125,000 pounds of beef from implanted steers.

Source: Pfizer-OSU implant symposium, May 1997"

Now they didn’t talk about any other hormones, but I just thought it was interesting to get some actual data on hormonal differences between grass fed untreated beef and hormone treated beef.