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Amount of Fruits/Greens/Fiber Daily?


what is a good amount for a 170lb guy? fda says 5 servings a day, but they also recommend 80% of calories from grains…

i’ve searched for recommended numbers, and CT says “as much as possible.” or i’ve found “enough to get 30g fiber a day.” any ideas?

Berardi recommends about 10-12 servings, higher for athletes.

as for fiber, depends on where you’re currently at. don’t increase it big time right away, or you’ll be on the shitter all weekend.

25-35g is what the FDA recommends, so probably a touch more wouldn’t be a bad idea knowing them

shouldn’t be too hard to reach.

hell, I get 15g with one smootie

Eat a veggie at every feeding, and depending on your tolerance for carbs, add a fruit at every other feeding. That’s how I do it, works for me.

I don’t monitor my fiber intake but I know I get a SHIT load. See the pun?

I like to see people get at least the same amount of veggies as animal protein by weight and usually have fruit intake equal to double or triple grain intake based on dry weight of grains (this is equal to about 3-4.5 times amount of carbs, so for each 20g of carb from grain source, at least 60-90g fruit).

This allows for carbohydrate alterations while keeping intake of veggies up. For carb reduction, cut grains first.