Amount of Fish Oil to Help Cholesterol

hey my dad has high cholesterol and I was wonderinf if anyone can tell me the minimum amount of fish oil in pills or oil that will help lower it, also without costing a fortune?

Would also love to know about this one.

Google Lyon Heart Study (or something like that). There is also an Italian study (I forget the name but try to google GISSI, that’s the acronym for it in Italian) that found that the minimum needed for health improvements of any kind is 3 grams of regular fish oil (180mg EPA/120mg DHA concentration aka 30% concentration). Increasing fruit and vegetable and whole grain intake will also help.

The Lyon study had to be stopped because of ethical reasons. The treatment under study was providing such good results after 2 years, that the scientists conducting it felt it was wrong to withhold it from the placebo group. I don’t recall the amounts used in the study right of hand, but it should be laid out fairly well if you find the study.

Not sure if this is true but I have heard that cholesterol lowering effects seem to diminish after 15 gms. So if lowering your cholesterol is your goal, you wont see any benefit after 15 gms.

Also, apparently for every gm of soluble fiber you take in daily, you lose 2 points off your ldl cholesterol on average. So taking in 15 gms would averagoe out to a 30 pt subtraction from your ldl. Prety easy way of doing it since most people already dont eat enough fiber let alone soluble fiber.