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amount of exercises per bodypart

I don’t really see the point in having more than one exercise per bodypart, just have more sets i would think, the reason is if you do 3 to 4 exercises per bodypart when you decide to choose some different exercises for the bodypart for a different workout it is going to be hard to pick ones that aren’t the same, and also lets say you first do flat bench press than you do incline bench for a different angle, the incline is going to be much harder since you did the flat bench first so why not do flat bench press for 3 weeks then switch to incline, also lets say you decide to add some weight to the bench to see if you can progress, you wont know if you progressed in the incline cause now your really beat from doing the flat bench press, i guess chest exercise you can finish off with flyes to exhaust the chest, but like doing different biceps or triceps exercises why not use the same exercises but on the last set just use lighter weight to finish off with, and only change the one exercise every 3 to 6 weeks or so, what are your opinions on this


I highly recommend you to read some T-mag past article, current article etc. Obtian some knowledge be plan to back your theory up. Or else you will get your ass chewed out in this forum… Just a little advice.

Where did this guy come from?

Nothing wrong with one exercise (or one set) per bodypart. In fact, there are a few advantages to this. It has been suggested by research that hypertrophy won’t occur untill glycogen stores are fully recovered. Now, this can take up to 24-48 hours, and since it has also been shown that training induced protein synthesis is back to basal levels at around the 24 hour mark, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that by using a lot of volume per bodypart you might be shooting yourself in the foot.