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Amount of Carbs For Lean Muscle Gain?


I was wondering what would be the best for lean muscle gain.

To make it short I am at 6 meals a day:

And this makes currently in gramme of carbs.

My question is am I doing it the right way by avoiding carbs in the eve? If yes do you think I could still increase teh amount in the 7pm meal seeing as i last at least until 1-1.30am everyday?

Or is it completely stupid??

What are your goals? Weight? Body type? Training schedule?

Personally, I gain best (and cleanly) at 4000 calories with about 400-450 carbs. I’m 160-165 lbs, <10% bf, and train 4-5 times a week.

You’d need to post more information as already pointed out if you want real good feed or suggestions.

Keep the carbs mostly to breakfast and PWO.

I’m at the end of a diet, starting slowly to stabililze and increasing the intakes slowly.

I am 1.74m tall, weight 67.8kilos now (for 82before the dry out). I train 3 days a week (already on a volume/strengh program even though the nutrition isn’t quite there yet), + 25minutes HIIT during the weekend.

Concerning my objective, they are obviously to gain both muscle volume and strength. I am patient though, I prefer to take it a little more slowly if it prevents me to gain too much fat during the process.

My question doesn’t actually concern the number of calories I take in, it should be fine, as I am progressing slowly to the 3000cap, week after week(+150-200/week since the end of my diet).
It really is, should I keep the carbs low in the eve or not?

Sorry for the lack of info in the first post :c. Please let me know if somethingis missing.

ps. PWO=? (english’s not my first language sorry…)

PWO is post-workout

start with your carbs postworkout for a couple weeks, then add them in at breakfast, then add fruit PWO and breakfast after a few more weeks, and so on and so on.

Allright. Thanks for the answer, I usually train in the early afternoon, it fits best in my schedule.

Could you please tell me if that looks fine, that my food plan atm that I attached.
So I will add more carbs for post training, and then add some fat too coz I am kinda low I guess.

I got a last question, what is the maximum carbs I should put at one meal? (for instance isn’t what I put for my breakfast too much?).

Thanks again for the answers. Really.

edit: lipides stands for fat :p, so-> cal, prot, carbs, fat in this order.

Targeted carbs approach works best, as many have mentioned…so keep carbs around your workout, pre, during, and post. As you progress, and handle them better, add more to breakfast and so on, depending on how u handle them. Also, keep the healthy fats AND protein up.


Thanks so I will focus on adding more carbs around trainings and increase the overall good fat on thewhole day except b4 bed time.


When I’m not cutting, per say, but trying to limit carb intake to lean out a bit,…

1- keep all carbs early in the day’
2- try for complex sources
3- If you count, keep it under 150g or even 100 if you can
4- No carbs after a certain time of day (usually the afternoon)
5- If you can get by on a particular day with practically no carbs, give yourself a little more the next day

Just my take.


That resumes what I currently do :-), almost no carbs after 5pm (but I’ll extend this at 'after 7pm as my days usually last until 2am so I still need some fuel).

Anyway thx for the tips.

I got an additional question still related to this topic.
I am looking to increase my ‘good fat’ daily amount. Would it be best to add it to:

1: my lunch, (knowing that this meal is also one with a fairly good amount of carbs 50g currently).

2: my dinner, which is between 10-20g of carbs. (but isn’t fat an issue in evening meals?)

3: Share it on both.

I ask this because I read somewhere on T-Nation, can’t find the link again, that it would be better not to combien fat and carbs in the same meals.

So it would be one meal carbs oriented, and one good fat specialised. Is that best?

Looking for your wise opinions on that matter <3.

I’m not sure why people say ‘good fat’? All natural fat is good, the only ‘bad’ fat is man made hydrogenated oil and shortening.

The whole ‘keep carbs and fat seperate’ is a guideline. You’re bound to have SOME carbs in your P+F meals, and vice versa.


Allright but I just read the articles concerning carb cycling from Mike and Thibaudeau. I would to like Thibeaudeau (for now at least, so 3 meals carbs-prot oriented [breakfast, pre and post training] and the 3 other fat-prot focused

I still got questions though: How much fat can I put for a low fat meal? Same question for a low carbs meal (as I am bound to have carbs in those from the veggies [can I add a fat free yagourt to those even though they are like 10g or carbs?]).

Final question: been reajusting andincreasing my caloric intakes, I think I will add nuts to my protein shake before bed time as the last thing to do right? Focus on every other meal first, does that make sense?

Thank you all for your time.