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I try to keep my protein high in line with recommendations here and elsewhere. Only thing is, some days my skin just reeks of ammonia. Maybe I’m being too self-conscious and no-one else notices but I still find it upsetting. Washing regularly doesn’t help as the smell seems to get stronger! I’m fairly sure I’m getting enough calories from carbs and fat. Does everyone else suffer this in silence or am I doing something wrong?

I notice that my towel smells like ammonia. I notice it on my self when I take ephedrine type products.

Everybody smell different and reacts to food intake differently. A chinese smells different than a caucasian and a frenchman smells different than an american. Indeed, each person smells different as they have different chemical and molecular makeup and their systems react differently to even the same food intake. Of course, it could also be that that your cat is getting even for leaving it alone too much and is peeing on your bed too! The coyotes ate my farm cat and the house smells a lot better.