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Ammonia Smelling Sweat, Not in Ketosis

The past several months I’ve cut down about 20-25 lb and I’m sitting around 8% body fat right now.
Ever since I got about sub 12%, I’ve noticed my shirts smell like they’ve been soaked in Windex after a workout and it takes several thorough washes to get it out. Everything I’ve read indicates this only happens with ketosis, but, the thing is I’m eating 200g carbs a day. Anyone else experience this or have any ideas what’s going on? I never noticed anything like this prior to my cut.

How much protein are you eating? I

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250g. That hasn’t changed from start of cut at 203 lb. 178 now.

I’ve always heard that an ammonia body odor means the body can’t process all the protein it’s being fed; eating/drinking too much protein.

You could still be producing ketone bodies (which smell like amonia/acetone) even with 200g of carbs if the deficit and energy expenditure are high enough and when you are lean. Happened to a few of the physique competitors I worked with.