Ammonia-Smelling Sweat. Diet Advice

Hey all;

Im training for the tough mudder event and outside of getting my miles up, I am also getting into more and more speed and exhaustion / depletion training - going to maximal output 2 to 3 times a week, and then once a week my regular lifting sessions.

Progress is good, and Im getting what I want - more muscle endurance.

However -

Since doing this - I have noticed an increasing smell (strong smell) of Ammonia on my clothes after each workout. Mind you - they are all drentched and soaking wet. But the smell is overpowering - like I poured a bottle of ammonia over my clothes, not like normal sweat.

I eat about 50 grams of carbs and 40 grams of protien proir to these sessions.

IM about 180 lbs, and 15% bf.

I read this might be due to muscle breakdown but could it be from the protien ?

BTW my protien source is liquid egg whites


I skimmed a few articles (google is your friend), and it appears it’s a side effect from the break down of amino acids.

The articles seem to suggest extra carbohydrates and increasing your water intake.

Generally it is a miscommunication of the liver detoxification phases

[quote]envibladez wrote:
Generally it is a miscommunication of the liver detoxification phases[/quote]

I don’t know what this means.