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Ammonia Smell When I Train


so i dont know why but my sweat smells like ammonia, especially when i train....i read somewhere that this is because not enough carbs are in the body for energy...but today during squats i reeked of ammonia eventhough i had an energy drink handy.....could it just be im not drinking enough water?? or smiply because i eat alot of protein??



You been working out with this guy?




When you are in ketosis, you will sweat ketones which have a very ammonia-like smell.

Or maybe you just need to take a shower you smelly bastard.


I have the same issue, but I dont give a shit, Im keeping a pair of sweaty underwear and a shirt in a ziplock bag and will use instead of amonia capsules at my meet....way more powerful.

lettin that shit marinate yo.


Matty remind me to never go on a plane trip with you.


My wife and I got in a big argument cuz I mixed my nasty workout clothes with hers....its pretty awful smelling....

you should smell my car after coming home from the gym....DELICIOUS