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Ammonia Smell on Body, Not on Low Carb



I've been getting an ammonia smell on my upper body regularly for the last 3 weeks. I usually get the smell when I haven't eaten for a 3-4 hours. It happens even if my last meal was higher carb. I'm training 3x per week full body.

I used to get this smell when I would do heavy cardio if I didn't eat right before or right after the session.

I have a family history of diabetes and so I'm concerned that something might be going wrong. I was eating too many sugary foods for a few weeks before the ammonia smells got started. I'm not at all overweight (95kg, 198cm) and I'm not going low carb so I don't know what to make of this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


do you live in a house with lots of cats?


[quote]Yogi wrote:
do you live in a house with lots of cats?[/quote]


If by any chance you actually do, you need to cut their balls off.