Ammonia Capsules

Not sure if this is allowed but I am struggling to find any online. Everywhere is sold out and I’m down to my last 3. Any one know a place that has them in stock? I do not like the ammonia bottles. I break a capsule and toss it in the bottle to get a few uses out of them. The actual bottles put me on my ass if I hit it too hard.

Have you ever tried the towelettes? Plenty of those available, but google shop honeywell north ammonia or get on ebay. I see plenty of ampules on ebay.

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Not sure if I trust eBay. Idk felt like everyone moved away from that in early 2000s. Never tried the towelettes. Maybe I’ll give them a shot. Apparently there is a shortage of the capsules. Shits ridiculous anymore.

Yeah it’s a bit crazy out there but Ebay should be fine. I’ve bought plenty on there but yeah look up honeywell north on the googles, it’s not ebay but i saw quite a few sites selling some, I might even purchase some.

I love skull smash but I don’t need to get knocked on my ass, most of the time I train without any tork or ammonia, I really only start to use it when i’m doing attempt selections for a meet.

So many people hammer it every time they train, it definitely isn’t great for you lol

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I’ve been using it on my top sets lately. Hard to get hyped up anymore

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Been using those towelettes. Putting them in a nose tork bottle to get more uses or if them and they last way longer than the capsules. I’m talking like a week of use vs about a day using a capsule. Thinking I’ll never go back.

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I have played with them and will only use it on my top set. Trying to use it less than one a week. I like it when I am mentally not into it or excessively tired. FYI I will use it for up to reps of 5.