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Ammonia Caps?


Hey all. Quick question.

I have never bought ammonia caps. But I have access to a laboratory and ammonia carbonate--so what dose is typically found in a cap of ammonia?

I'm planning to pack a couple home-made caps for mondays max effort and I want to make sure I'm accurately dosed compared to the commercial caps. So how much does each cap have in it?


this sounds like a lot more trouble than it is worth. Ammonia capsules are pretty cheap.


Probably, except that there's a giant tub of ammonia carbonate sitting on my lab shelf already. There's not too much trouble to just dump the appropriate weight of powder into a small vial or centrifuge cap. I also only want to make 1 or 2, and there's no shipping that's going to come in by 2 days from now. At any rate, shipping would be more expensive than the actual caps.


You don't need to care about dosages. Five gramms smell as bad as ten gramms.

Just put a teaspoonfull in a smaler bottle with a screwcap. It'll last you weeks.


Excuse my ignorance, but what is this supposed to do for you? Is it just a wake up mid training?


Ammonia is like a chemical alarm clock.


Yeah, pretty much. It amps your adrenaline a bit, wakes the system up for fight or flight....remember, people used to use them for waking up fainting or passed out people--"smelling salts". Problem is if you sniff too large an amount you can toast some of your olfactory receptors, and it can do more harm than good to your system as a whole if you get overload--that's why I'm interested in how much a capsule of ammonia has in it.

I've never bought them and I'd like to get a jolt out of it, but not enough to put me over the top. I figure that caps used competitively must have about the right amount from feedback from lifters or whatever.



Test day is today...


lol im excited to hear about this


good luck with that one man
but does anyone know why amonia works or how? i've always been a little confused about that.


Ammonia doesn't work in some special way. It just has a pungent smell, that's it. You could take freshly ground horse-radish and it would have the same effect. Peppermint/spearmint oil, the same.


People usually ask me why I take hits of it and what does it do.
Pretty much I explain it like this:
"Just imagine I bashed you in the side of the head with a brick right before you lift."

Whatever you have floating around in your head at the moment is gone and its just about the pain and anger.


Turns out about 1.25 grams seems to work ok. I dunno if it's right or not, but it seemed to give me a kick in the arse. I got some caught in my nose that gave me some extra burning even after my squats :). Since I lift at a university gym, I could feel A LOT of stares at me afterwards. I'm sure they thought it was coke...hahaha!

I had a new training partner for this session and he was kinda weirded out, but he understands anyway. "You do what you gotta do man". I kinda wish the poor "supervisory nazi's" would have come over to me and made some trouble about it, but that's just out of spite.


Be careful- I bought my ammonia froma medical supply store for about $4 per 10 caps, and the dude working there told me there was a danger of having blood vessels in my sinuses burst, causing massive bleeding in the front of my skull, which could only be alleviated by cracking my head open. So I'm not sure how much is in each capsule, but by looking in your phone book you could probably find a medical supplier to buy pre-measured capsules from.



cracking your head open? Is he retarded?

I don't doubt that if you used it consistently day in and out that there could be serious problems, or that if you huffed too much at once there could be problems, but that just sounds idiotic. Use sparingly (meets or special days only) and don't sniff the whole jar. Problem solved.