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Ammonia Caps


whats the limits on using them? 1 per session for 1 big all out lift or can you use more than 1? i just ordered some earlier this morning so im curious.


i very rarely use them during training. mostly just save for comp (which may or may not be a good idea). needless to say, but you should crack one during your training so you understand how you will feel, plus you know damn well you are interested...

in the future, especially at a meet, i have seen guys crack them, then put them in a bottle so they can preserve it throughout the entire session. have not done this but it seems genius. i am just to stoopid!


I tried one after Raw Nationals while we were eating at Bennigan's, and nearly fell out of my chair. Good times.

I don't use them for lifting.


for the record, some people say they get benefit out of them, others say they are useless. i feel like they do something for me...


I think they're fun. Lifting or not.


Ok, I have to be the stupid one, what is it/are they?


What do you use them for?

"Hubby, does this rag smell like ammonia to you?"


And after all these responses, I wanna fucking try some.

I didn't know it had a physiological effect other than strength.



what the hell is going on here?


LMAO. That's what I want to know.


Is this the same shit I use to clean my floors?

The ammonia bottle with the posion label on it?


Come to Thornton and I'll show you.




I went through a phase where I was using ammonia a few times per week. Now I just save it for 2nd/3rd attempts at contests.

At a meet about a year ago I was hitting the ammonia hard. Took a couple 4th attempts and I was taking huge whifs off the stuff. About 2 hours after the meet had ended I finally get home and hop in the shower. For whatever reason I decide to take a big breath through my nose - somehow a huge ammonia shot was saved in there haha.


I'm not a fan of squatting with blurry, tear filled eyes, so I don't mess with them.

Still, I'm always tempted to use the one in the first aid kits at work or take the one off the wall when I'm waiting in the doctors office.


well im used to crying through everything i do anyway.


I think it depends on the type of lifter you are.

If you like to go crazy and get really pumped up before a lift, you'll like them.

If you are more of a mental lifter and quiet, probably not. Everyone should try one however.

Personally, I love em! Try to save it for max/pr attempts in the gym or comp lifts.



I love'em. They make the voices shut up. You know the ones when you get under a heavy ass squat saying "this is too much weight"

I swear...I don't normally hear voices...


I LOVE ammonia/nose tork. There's just nothing better than a fresh bottle of tork before a squat.

I've actually considered buying extra so I can smell them as soon as I wake up in the morning.


i use to use them. i don't thik they did anything. i am more of a focused lifter than a rage lifter. my workout partner did one at a meet with my fresh bottle of nose torx. i warned him it was much stronger than his. he took a big snort and his eyes watered up so bad we had to guide him to the squat rack. he missed the lift. pretty entertaining.