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Ammo Pricing and Other Gun Stuff


My fellow Americans, and those unfortunate enough to not be from this country, I has a question.

Where do you buy your ammo! My beloved Walmart is feeling the ammo crunch, I couldn't even get a fucking BOX(singular) of 45 ACP on Sunday. I was looking at Cabella's, pricing for American Eagle, and that Remington UMC is about $20 a box, which is not any better than if I drive to Walmart and buy all the ammo before someone else does. Any suggestions?

I figure I can suck it up, buy a reloader and just handload ammo in my cadet barracks, or buy rounds by the 300 just for the convenience.

P.S.- I'm not putting wolf in my Sig. Did that with the Rock Island Armory 1911 (Read as 'Filipino piece of shit $400 beater) and it's not holding up so hot.

Also, any suggestions for a good holster? I have a bianchi molded nylon deal atm, thinking about one of them hard plastic holsters with the locking dealy.

Feel free to talk about any cool unrelated gun shit too.


I havn't been to the walmart in my area, but I do know that the meijer I have here is well stocked, or was the last time I checked about a week or so ago.

I would say go and try to look around for gun stores in your town and check their prices out. If not try budsgunshop.com or ableammo.com


If you don't have any ammo, you basically have to get what you can get when you can get it. Once you have enough to last to a little while, then you can be more selective. I just keep an eye on different websites, such as wwww.wideners.com or www.palmettostatearmory.com Other than that, I make sure to swing by the ammo counter at Dick's Sporting Goods or Wal Mart when I'm there.

As for holsters, I keep hearing about how good BladeTech holsters are. They have several models for each handgun, depending on what kind of weapon light you may carry with it.


Try buying ammo online.

Ammunition To Go

And quality guns like SIGs will handle steel cased stuff without a hitch.

ETA: Palmetto State Armory and Wideners are also great places to buy. I've bought from both those venders.


SIGs can be finicky when it comes to ammo. A lot of times with non brass cased ammo, the powder charge isn't as strong which causes the gun to not cycle correctly. This was a problem I had with my P220 and aluminum cased CCI Blazer ammo.


My father in law reloads .45 all the time however he's been saying that primers are hard as hell to find and when he finds them they're expensive making the cost to reload not worth the hastle.
I've found the best luck with ammo is country Wal-marts, head out where they don't use hand guns so much and they've almost always had it. I live in the burbs and you can't find anything lately. $20 for .45 is cheap I can't get 9mm for that here.

Good luck


Same thing around here, in missouri. Seems to be a nation wide shortage of primer.

Ammo has been impossible to find since obama took office. My two favorite guns to shoot right now are 9mm and 7.62, both rounds are near impossible to find. Everytime I walk into walmart I ask for 9mm and about 1 out of 10 they have a box or two which I promptly buy.



They have an emailing list you can set up to inform you when they're running specials on shipping and/or ammo. I bought about 3k rounds a few months back and got free shipping. You can find WWB ball, JHPs, etc. and the prices are fairly decent. I'm sure there are other websites out there with similar deals.

Gun stores in my area have been limiting the number of boxes patrons can buy for a while. I quit checking WalMart because it seems like some folks actually live there and are able to scoop up any new shipments as soon as they hit the sales floor.

I never bought ammo in bulk until the election but I'm glad I got into it. There's something comforting about having thousands upon thousands of rounds of 9mm, .45, and 5.56 stashed in the basement. It just makes my heart happy. :slight_smile:

I have a few Comp-Tac holsters and I can't say enough about them. Check out their IWB and belt holsters. Fit and finish is quality and customer service is 2nd to none. I also have a few kevlar-reinforced belts from them. A good, sturdy belt makes all the difference in the world.

Also check out www.defensivecarry.com. Lots of carry info on holsters/belts/ammo/guns/reloading/whatever.

Gun threads FTW. Atta boy, Therizza.

P.S. I'm looking for a shottie for the house/car. Had my eye on a Mossberg 930SPX for a while. Pump actions are fun, but 7 or so 00buck or slugs out of a shotgun w/ no pumping is just nasty.

I mean what if I'm in my car when the SHTF and I have to shoot while driving? I'm not gonna be able to steer, shift (manual trans), and keep feeding and pumping a shottie on the highway. The zombies are waiting, ya know? This is important stuff to consider!


Yeah, OP should have just gone Glock. SIGs are pretty and Jack Bauer is a badass, but come on... We're not always gonna have the best ammo to shoot. An unfiring gun is an expensive hammer.

Which brings me to a quote and another point...

"After range trips, my AR had to be cleaned like a new baby, but with my AK I just spit on it and called it a whore."
- Pulled from Glocktalk.com

I want an AK. My AR is finicky and in regards to my statement about expensive hammers, I'm thinking about going with a Saiga AK or a Romanian WASR-10. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars. I just want something whorish I can spit on. Thoughts?


Meh, I'm an AR guy. I like the more user friendly controls that are being made even more user friendly by the day with improvements such as Magpul's Battery Assist Device. Plus when the zombie apocalypse comes .223 will be more available.


Oh cmon guys...

ARs are NOT finiky if built right. I have a 10.5" AR with a suppressor that hasn't malfunctioned as far as I can remember after putting back the H buffer instead of the H2 buffer, and I only clean it about every 500 rounds (wow suppressors make guns dirty). Total rounds fired exceeds two thousand by now so it's not a brand new gun. I run Wolf/Monarch, too. Only the best for my ARs!!

I also have a 16" AR that I put through a two day/1000rd carbine course with no malfuctions that was the fault of the gun. I did have some problems with the Aguila ammo I was using though.

To date I have put over 8,000 rounds of CCI Blazer aluminum over the course of 4 years (loved the days when you could walk out of Academy with 1000 rounds of Blazer for under $100 OTD) and it hasn't given me any problems. In fact, I kind of feel that Blazer aluminum is a bit hotter in my G19 than WWB from Wallyword.

Monarch, while it go bang just fine, smells like shit.

IMO, the more expensive and "premium" a gun is, the worse ammo it had better be able to handle. Like Rev1911 said, you won't always have the best ammo available and whatever you have needs to go boom. I wouldn't be happy I couldn't trust my $2000 Wilson Combat CQB 1911.

Rev1911, what problems are you having with your AR?


Re: Wilson CQB and premium shooters
I've been drooling over the Les Baer TRS for a while now. After doing some research and reading thread after threat about the 'break-in' period and what it will and will not feed, I'm not too pressed to drop $1700 on a pistol that may or may not work when I need it. Hence, the Glock. It's ugly, yes, but it shoots true, looks cool with my M3 taclite, and affords me the pleasure of poking fun at my buddies with Springer XDs. (no offense to the XD, I just love the Glock vs. XD shenanigans.)

Anyway, I'm running a Rock River and have had some FTE issues. I've been playing around with mags (PMAGS and the old-school steel ones) and almost every session I get a FTE which leads to a double feed and a jam. I've had a bolt get stuck on top of a fresh round on top of a spent shell still in battery (if that makes sense). I ended up breaking the rifle down at the range and fidgeting around enough to get the bolt open and freeing up the fresh round and then the spent shell. After I got it all cleaned out it worked perfectly. I'm shooting Winchester ball ammo and I don't load the mags to capacity.

I apologize in advance if any of my terms or descriptions are off. I'm not new to firearms but I only have about 1k rounds through the AR so I'm still learning the ins and outs. I say 'finicky' because I'm a Glock guy and I'm used to my weapon going bang every time, without fail. I'd definitely like to get this thing running smoothly so any info/advice is welcome.


You may want to give this extractor spring upgrade a try. Can't hurt for $5 plus shipping


EDIT- Also, Rock Rivers usually come with a Wylde chamber, which is a hybrid between a .223 chamber and 5.56 chamber. It's a smidge tighter than a regular mil spec 5.56mm chamber so that could be an issue with the extractor kit doesn't work.


Thanks for the link. Sometimes I can run through an almost-full mag without a hitch. Sometimes it locks up after a few shots. That might be just what I need. It's definitely worth a try for the price.


If you buy ammo from Walmart do it at the front counter. They videotape all transactions at the sporting goods desk. Not that you aren't videotaped getting said ammo from the sporting goods desk.



You are joking right? I could see how you might think that since the US has had the .223 on their main weapon platform for a few decades. But, you can't honestly think that it is more available than the 30 caliber variants. Who knows maybe it is but I know for damn sure that 9mm and 7.62 are are easily the most available world wide.

You need to take this in consideration since we will more than likely have to travel to Darfur, or some other shit hole, to save the prophet from the abortion dumpster that his 12 year old Thai prostitute mother is trying to throw him in. We'll then have to milk the umbilical cord for the life-saving ooze that will then be used to save humanity. And I'm just not sure if .223 is up for the job.

No you can't buy pot from me.


Problem is stores in certain areas, like mine, only allow ammo sales to be done either at sporting goods or electronics.

And Ghorig, bad form on not selling me any pot. It sounds like you have the real good shit.


Natchez.com usually has a good selection. Prices vary but you can sign up for their mailing list and get sale info when it comes out.


+1. I've got ~3-4k rounds threw my "cheap" taurus p-111. All of it either wolf or winchester target ammo. It's jam'd once, because of the clip not the ammo.

everytime I hear guys bitching about how their 1500$ 1911s jam constantly with cheap ammo I laugh.


I'd rather stock up on 7.62 for an enjoyable Apocalyptic weekend. The average AK might not be as accurate as your M4gery AR, but I've got scoped hunting rifles for the sniping activity and the 7.62 stopping power trumps the 'pew pew pew' of the 5.56.

What about shotties, though? You guys think I could find a interior roof-mounted rack for a mossberg? It would to bolt inside the cabin of a 2000 5series BMW sedan with 130,000 miles. All the rack kits I can find are for Crown Vics and Caprices. German car lovers need shotgun racks, too!