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Amit Sapir



Competing this weekend in the Euro Championships !

Placed 5th last year so hope he does better this year.

He looks freaking amazing


Damn thats one swole swimmer!



Off Season posing.


What the hell are these dudes doing for triceps?


Indeed hopefully he will place in 1st - 3rd this year.

Been following him for the last year since i saw a Mr Isreal youtube video of him, he has everything but calves really he is getting there.

Will be on live:



Ask CT lol he has been training him the last 3-5 years :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres an off season posing from couple months ago.


Would have been done only last week.


Damn guy is thick as a brick all over.


He is a powerlifter too :slightly_smiling:

So thats where the dense look comes from.


Dude is solid.


One of the best bodies I've ever seen. He's what, 5'6 ?


Show starts in 5 hrs 20 minutes for those who want to watch it.



Weigh-in pictures :