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Amit Sapir 10 Weeks Out


Here are some updated pics of Amit, which I'm helping make his pro debut in the ''under 202'' class.


Side chest


Lat spread




One big dude.


Impressive. CT, are there any back shots coming up? I remember you recently posting some in your own thread, and they showed very impressive progress.

Another thing- would I be right in thinking he's about 31-33 YO? (general interest)


Dammm. Great job to you both!


Dear lord how can that guy compete at under 202?? He looks 250

Please tell me he is about 5ft3...
He must be?


And he squatted 800 for a double!


5'3'' - 5'4''


I'm proud of his back improvement. Width was his achilles heel.


Is he doing the Pittsburgh 202?


Should be the plan...


Back looks great.

800 for a double is insane.

Is he still doing the morning powerlifting, afternoon bodybuilding?


That really is something! Can't help but wonder what he did to get there, because back width is a problem for myself, too.

Look forward to seeing more updates on Amit.


He looks like he could.

I think he lacks the "X-frame" that is being rewarded lately but his overall size is ridiculous. If he comes in condition, he will probably win on that and his size alone.


Solid, dense, very impressive. Also very cool to see a couple of striations on on of his outer quads this far out.



hi evry1

well,for you guys how asked
im 164cm
27 years old
95.5kilo on 6.3%body fat for now..

what can i say..when you are working with the BEST so thing are going good..

to be honnest..all i do is getting the coach
instructions and do it as it is
and good thing are happning :slightly_smiling:
(well except the cardio part..)

hope this show will be mine..
sure CT will kepp you posted



Back thickness is unreal in the 3rd pic. Wow.


Goodluck for your show your looking ridiculous!!!