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Amir Sadollah is Funny, Invents New Slang

So I was just browsing UFC fighter pages (you know, doing some hood rat stuff), and I noticed that Amir Sadollah has a UFC Twitter that gets updated on his bio page.


Some of the tweets are retarded, but others sound like the crazed ramblings of a hobo which makes them HILARIOUS in this case. And he also wants you to help spread a new bit of slang, DEAN.

“Ok new slang. DEAN. As in “I’m gonna be the DEAN of that girl/boy.” Let’s get this going people.”
Amir Sadollah

Anybody else know of a semi-hilarious “celeb” twitter, or maybe something that’s just awesome? I know twitter.com/shitmydadsays is fucking awesome, but what else is out there?

“Maybe it’s beacause I’m cutting weight, but… Rachael Ray… yes I would.” LOL. That was great. Sorry though, I don’t know of any good twitters, I’m not really into it.