I just wanted to know why taking Aminos is just as good as drinking a protein shake. Is it because there is a higher dosage of aminos in the shake?

From what I have experienced, taking amino acids is a very effective mass builder. Take them immediately after you lift. Take them to the gym with you and once you get done down some aminos to really counter act the catabolism that comes from high intensity lifting. Amino acids are very important take because your muscles get drained of them when you lift. If you haven’t bought any amino acids yet, buy some optimum nutrition amino 2222. those work very well amd depending on what protein shake you are drinking they might have more amino acids in them.

aminos are the bulding blocks of proteins. when you consume BCAA branch chain aminos while you workout and after you are rushing in the specific building blocks to help you recover and grow. Real BCAA are expensive, do not get fooled by taking protein that just shows its amino acid profile. If you want to consume protein for that affect take hydrolyzed whey protein which is already digested and will get absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Look at the awesome ingredients found in Biotest Surge. Now that is quality ingredients specially made for one purpose. Too bad its so expensive. laters pk

Take Amino pills if you eat incomplete proteins. Like if you are a full blown vegetarian (uhhh). Otherwise save your money and suck down a good whey protein with a full spectrum. I think the amino pills are a waste of money - find a good whey…

I’m guessing there’s a typo in your question
and you meant to say, why taking aminos
is NOT as good as drinking a protein shake?

If so your explanation is completely correct:
a few grams of aminos just can’t do what
30, 40 or more grams of proteins – all of which convert to aminos or di, tri, or oligopeptides ANYWAY!! – can do.

That’s not to say that supplementing some
aminos in some situations can’t be of
some benefit, but certainly aminos alone,
in doses commonly used, can’t match protein,
in doses commonly used.