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Aminos vs. Protein Powder???

Before, I get ripped a new a-hole here, bear with me…my dad made the comment to me why are u taking “aminos and protein powder in oyur shake?” , "Protein Powder is Amino Acids and vice versa and I couldn’t defend it or even think why I was doing it. SRS made a similar comment in another thread, and I’m beginning to wonder…I want to get alot of opinions on this one. If we are taking lots of protein and protein supplements is they’re any benefit to taking Amino Acids? as they are rather pricey as well… (Currently I only throw them in with my post work out shake with lots of maltodextrin powder and protein powder) Am I wasting my money???

I presume your talking about amino acid supplement capsules versus MRP type powders. The supplement capsules I’ve taken in the past (got 'em at Vitamin World, can’t remember the brand) contained aminos that aren’t that common in regular protein sources (meats, fish/seafood, dairy, and MRP powders). I’m sure you’re not wasting your money, especially if you have a discount card from a store like Vitamin World or GNC.

Yes…wasting your money…full spectrum amino tablets went out with desicated liver tabs…protein shakes will have all the aminos you need. Amino tabs are just expensive protein tabs. Unless you are talking about individual amino acids taken in high dose on an empty stomach for specific purpose…such as the tyrosine in power drive or BCAA’s or other individual high dose aminos used to treat a specific condition and then always taken on an empty stomach as if taken with food, all the aminos in the protein you eat/drink will compete with the high dose individual amino which is why power drive works so much better on an empty stomach. But full spectrum amino tabs are just expensive protein tabs (and are usually made out of whey).

I’m going to say they are a waste as well. True they have other aminos that the protein powder may not have but in that raw form most of them will be expelled as waste. Some will even be destroyed in the stomach and turn into useless calories. Now, both together might yield better results than one alone could. Look into it.

Greekdawg- read my recent post asking virtually the same question. There DOES seem to be some scientific evidence, and anecdotal from other forumites as the the benefits of increased AA’s (BCAA’s to be precise- a random AA mix would IMO be worthless). Now quite HOW this works, and to what extent/advantage over regular protein supplementation? I’m still trying to sort the wheat from the chaff. SRS