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I was wondering if any of you are familiar with Aminogen? This product is a patented natural enzyme system that is supposed to increases the amino acid pool in the blood stream. This seems like a rather cool and unique product because it has research backing. For more information, check out the Aminogen web site. Has anyone used this stuff? Does it work?

I use Aminogen in my protein powder from protein factory. It is cheap and I believe it is a good addition to the protein. I have noticed that I have less gas after protein shakes without Aminogen. Yes the research is interesting.

…The only thing I noticed was quicker digestion of protein dense foods and slight increased muscle fullness.IT’S NO GREAT SHAKES TRUST ME

AminoGen may be useful in small quantities, but certainly nothing like what they recommend. In general free form amino acids are not absorbed well by the body. The smaller peptides are much better.

Ismael, I think you are expecting way too much from this product. The purpose of Aminogen is to help protein utilization. You said it helped you so it works. Its not going to produce dramatic muscle gains but in the long run it can have an impact on muscle size and strength and even recovery due to increased protein utilization. Its not deca but it does what it claims to due–help digest protein.

Isn’t aminogen just a bunch of proteases that cleave long chain proteins into smaller peptides and aminos themselves?
I’ve used it from the protein factory. I’m definitely excluding it next time. If my shakes sit any longer than an hour, it starts to taste like horse urine(not that i’ve tried, folks). The taste is definitely from the DENATURED protein as a result of the addition of aminogen. Without it, my shakes taste great.

Jon…I have been sooooooooo spoiled by Biotest.That what it is,you know.