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When i was reading a question of strength, charles poliquin said that aminoacids are a good way to increase your weight rapidly, im in college football and i need weight (muscular obviously) i ve training for three years now, but i was thinking of buying aminoacids (in tablets) what are your toughts? o please dont come with the typical answer of: you just need to eat well, or its your diet. I have a really good diet and i get my calories, but what you guys think of aminoacids ? im 18 and do aminos have any bad effect? i dont think so but maybe im wrong. please reply.

That advice on aminos sounds awfully dated. You would have to take an awful lot of aminos to get much protein (like the whole bottle). They used to reccommend aminos for pre and/or pro workout for recovery as aminos don’t need to be digested and will go straight into the blood for recovery much like Surge. Surge is the modern and better choice for recovery rather than just aminos. Surge has all the critical aminos for recovery plus more. And for protein between meals, a modern high quality whey/casein protein powder blend is far superior to aminos because it will digest slowly and trickle aminos into the blood rather than digest in minutes and than be done like the aminos. Plus protein powder is lot cheaper and much better than plain aminos. If your diet is truely good, than to add additional quality, I’d suggest using Surge and maybe add some high quality protein shakes like Advanced protein or MetRx protein plus shakes between meals. If your diet isn’t optimal, check out Massive Eating by Berardi.

Regular amino acids won’t do much but Poliquin was referring to branched chain amino acids which, when taken in high dosages (20-40 grams) per day do have a dramatic effect on body composition and recovery, especially when used with a solid high protein diet. The results are even more pronounced when used in conjunction with glutamine. If you plan to use them dont take oral pills as they’re too expensive. I’d recommend you use a bulk powder such as that from Protein Creations Protein factory.