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Amino Taste - How to Avoid Seppuku?


Hello everybody, this is my first post here, and I'm glad to be part of the community...
Having read various articles about the free form aminos(EAA and BCAA), I bought some powder - and as many of you already know, the taste is horrible!! So, I thought of these solutions, and I'd like to know which one is more sound from a nutritional perspective - that is, which will improve the taste without interfering with the absorption or muscle building effects of the stuff.

So, for the shake I will use 15g of aminos with 400g of water plus:

1)100g of natural homemade juice?
2) some kind of green superfood(like Biotest Superfood for example)?
3)Spirullina or chlorella?
4)an equal dose of some flavoured whey isolate?

Also, in any of the above, I'm thinking of adding some healthy fat(linseed oil or coconut oil or coconut milk - delicious...).
I'm following a low carb - high fat - high protein diet.

What do you think?


All I have to say is..................don't use terms I have to look up. (seppuku)


uh.. Crystal Light?



Yeah Crystal light is good... When I drink Casein Hydroslate intra-workout which is bitter, I pour in 1-2 crystal light "singles" in 2L of water and it tastes great.


Seppuku= Harakiri

I just used Crystal Light pure fitness(which doesn't have any E's or aspartame e.t.c), and I have to say that one packet of lemon flavour covers at least by 90% the taste of the above shake. The rasberry flavour also works, but the lemon almost tastes like lemonade!!

But, I thought it would be even better to mix natural juice, green foods or whey, from a nutritional - health perspective.

Also, there's not crystal light in Greece, so I have to order, and it's kind of expensive...


Different people taste aminos to a different degree.

However, to minimize taste and maximize mixability with your choice of coverup, I would recommend looking into purchasing Ajinmoto brand amino acids if at all possible.

Most of their aminos are instantized and of extremely high quality and mix better than most other brands, so they taste less bad whether dumped straight on the tongue or mixed in with beverages.

Even then, sometimes they still taste pretty rough depending on the person (Biotest uses Ajinmoto for their Leucine, I believe, and many people can't stand the taste of that.)


Thanks everybody so far.

Apart from the taste affair, I have read at various sources that aminos must be taken on an empty stomach, so does that mean that adding a healthy fat/green powder or a whey isolate will impair absorption?

Continuing the Japanese language lessons: Hara - kiri= Suicide...


The flavoring system that comes with MAG-10/ANACONDA covers the taste of leucine (which is normally horrible to me) completely.


When it comes to BCAA, EAA, and just Leucine, I don't think it matters whether they are consumed with food or not.

At least I've never seen anything credible to support the contention that they need to be consumed on an empty stomach.

Then again, there's no point to using BCAA or EAA with MAG-10 or ANACONDA as they already contain a good dose of CH.


Good point.