Amino Fuel

What is the general consensus on Amino Fuel by Twin Lab?

This seems to be a decent product, and a quick way to consume a shot of 20 or so grams of protein with no muss or fuss.

Any other thoughts from the nutritionally minded? Does anyone else use this product?

All constructive points of view will be appreciated!

I’ve never really known whether to believe that these products really have free aminos. Every time I see whey protein on the label, I get skeptical (even if it’s supposedly predigested). You also have to wonder what exactly “peptide bonded” means to the company in terms of marketing.

A buck-30 for ~9g of “peptide bonded” essential aminos…

There are too many questions to suggest using it.

Are you stating that there is a question relative to the quality of that protein?

You can get more of what you want from a 6 oz can of tuna, and for a lot less. EFA’s as well.

Many companies do indeed just put whey protein in tablet form. That sucks! Others will only use hydrolysed forms. This is the dilemma with any supplementat product. The safest bet is to go with a reliable source. Twinlab has generally had a pretty good rep for most of its products, but if you want a quality amino product in this category, I would go for the Beverly Int’l aminos. Unsurpassed pharmaceutical grade quality from this company. Try their Ultra 40 Liver Tablets instead.

I prefer Ajinomoto brand. One day I will buy exclusively from them!:slight_smile:

ZEB, no it doesn’t matter too much to me which kind of protein it’s from (though unpublished research shows that there’s a dif). It’s just the fact that it’s propbably just protein in tabs that they may be trying to pass off as aminos. Again I don’t know…

One part I like about Twin Lab Amino Fuel is that it is liquid. I can tip back four tablespoons and get 20 grams of protein, quickly. I am not interested in chewing tablets. I am still scarred from the Hoffman protein tablet days. (AHHHHHH…sorry I flashed back).

If it’s the same AF they made 10 years ago its pure crap - primarily hydrolized collagen that tastes like motor oil (looks like it too). But they may have updated their protein source and if so, I can’t comment.


Motor oil? Yea, that’s the stuff, tastes like crap! But, I don’t care how it tastes if it works and its easy to use. Which brings me back to my original question-Is it good protein?

ZEB, if is is pure amino acids, keep in mind that your only getting about 10g of useable essential aminos with each 20g dose.

Is there a better liquid supplement available?