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Amino Acids

I just started taking Amino Acids during my workouts a couple of weeks ago. I learned about this reading an old “Questions of Strength” Q&A by Poliquin. A few comments/questions:

  1. In the article Coach Pliquin suggests that you take .44g/kg of body weight of aminos. I personally think that that is a lot to take, and in a lot of my sessions I have not been able to fully take that amount. I know he says the .44g/kg is ideal, and that you can make gains on less or even save it for more intense workouts, but my question is has anyone tried this and if so how much were you roughly taking? I know its a person by person type question, as everyone is different, but maybe there are some similarities out there.

These pills are fu#%ing HUGE! And, after
I almost choked to death, I began to cut them in half, but even then swallowing them became a big chore in my workout, because you want to focus on working out, and not swallowing horse tranqulizers. So I started to crush them up and mix them with water. Is this going to ruin any of their properties? I am going to switch to the liquid kind next time out, however, I am not just going to waste these.

  1. Mixing them with water makes them taste, simply put, like stale ass. I added come crystal light to it once ad it obviouslly masked the taste, but like the above question, will that ruin its effect?

  2. Any other comments, knowledge, or references about this would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance to those who answer.


I take a product called “Amino Fule” by Twin Lab. It’s a liquid and goes down smooth.

Some on this forum are not to fond of that particular product, but I have not read anything that would deter me from taking it. I have been using it off and on for about 15 years and fond that it is a quality product.

If you have a problem taking the pills as you describe you might want to give it a try. There are other liquid Amino products available as well, if you are not satisfied with the one that I have mentioned.

Don’t want you to choke to death!

You can get free form aminos in powder form also.

I have tried Amino Fuel before in the past and for some reason I just didn’t trust it. I’m not sure why a liquid would be any worse than horse pills. I didn’t use it for long. I mostly stick with different kinds of protein powders and a supplement called All in One which is a vitamin/mineral/amino powder that I mix into my protein shakes.