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Amino Acids vs. BCAA's

Would a full range amino acid supp be useful like BCAAs? I use a few BCAAs usually during workouts and when I do cardio. What are the benefits of BCAAs over the full range amino supp. Also, is it bad if they contain chromium pincolate?

BCAA’s are those used by muscle tissue for repair etc, For a full spectrum IMO eat.


BCAA’s work great for bulking and maintaining muscle during dieting. I cannot live with out (alright a bit of an exaggeration). During my workout I take around 30g of powdered BCAA’s dissolved in hot water. You can add crystal lite for flavor.

It says that BCAA can raise growth hormone’s would I have to take Rez-V or ne thing like that ?

Okay, thanks. I normally just eat protein (tastier and cheaper). So I guess on the few occasions I want to supp like while hiking I would use the BCAAs in their isolated form.