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Amino Acids/BCAA's

I have a couple of questions on amino acids and how they work some of these may be stupid or dumb questions but idk. PLease help.

-Exactly how do amino acids help you physicaly.
-What specificaly do they do to help you as an athlete.
-Difference between using just protein and/or amino acids.
-If there are, list any specific amino acids or supplements that are good for sprinting.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein.
BCAA are individual Amino Acids.
Protein repairs/builds new muscle in reponse to training

To add to BlueCollarTr8n’s excellent but terse response:

BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) are 3 amino acids (of 22) involved in signalling protein synthesis. Of the 3, leucine seems to be the most important. In the store section, you can find peptide forms of leucine and BCAAs. These absorb faster than freeform amino acids which are single amino acids as opposed to 2 and 3 amino acids linked together (a peptide is a chain of linked amino acids, a protein is a long peptide that has specific structure and function - could be a cell membrane transport, muscle myfibrils, immune proteins, etc. they are the machines of the body).

Likewise, Biotest’s Anaconda, Mag10, and Plazma contain high-leucine peptides, but also added carbs and electrolytes to help absorption. Other amino acid compounds are creatine (3 amino acids), citrulline malate (an alpha amino acid), and beta alinine.

Leucine - particularly the peptide forms or the 3 Biotest supplements listed above - helps with triggering muscle protein synthesis for recovery and preventing muscle breakdown during training.
Creatine - helps with power output during training and recovery between repeated short bouts of high power training like sprints and weightlifting, particularly lower reps.
Citrulline malate - helps with recovery by removing nitrogen breakdown products and also may help preventing exercise fatigue related performance decreases.
Beta alanine - is more for longer repeated exercise bouts and helps with lactic acid buffering, say more of a 400-800m deal, was first used by speed skaters.

In your case since you don’t mention distances, I would say that creatine and leucine would be most helpful, though if training volumes are higher, you could possibly benefit from the other two.

Whether you choose to use whey, leucine peptides or Biotest workout leucine heavy supplements is a question of budget and personal preference.

One note is if you are using BCAAs during fasted training, assuming you are picking between Biotest leucine peptides or BCAA peptides, I would go with the BCAA peptides. If you are looking to add leucine to pre or postworkout meals, then the leucine peptides are the way to go, otherwise any of Anaconda, Mag10, and Plazma cover your needs.

[quote]KingObno wrote:
-Exactly how do amino acids help you physicaly.[/quote]
As said, they are the building blocks of muscle. They also play critical non-protein related roles within the body.

-What specificaly do they do to help you as an athlete.[/quote]
Do you mean besides the muscle thing?

-Difference between using just protein and/or amino acids.[/quote]
Some people supplement amino acids during fasting to keep the body from breaking down muscle. If you do not fast for a portion of the day just eat protein and let your body do what it does best.

-If there are, list any specific amino acids or supplements that are good for sprinting.[/quote]

guys, a quick question;

when a supplement company says ingredients of their amino acids is from, hydrolyzed whey, whey concentrate, soy isolate, and etc… does this mean that it is only “whey” inside the pill or the tablet? or is just pharmaceutical grade of amino acids derived from the protein sources listed above. Is there a certain taste to distinguish fake from real? ive tried a couple of aminos and here is what i got.

ON2222 tablets - starchy taste
Weider6000 - opened the pill but the contents tasted sour or acidic
twinlab fuel 1000 - has bitter taste (so far works best for me)…
dymatize - starchy taste
MetRx - can’t feel the difference, sources of protein not stated in label.
dymatize bcaa tablets - can’t feel it is “cutting edge” promise.

i heard that capsules works better or faster than tablets

appreciate if you could add some inputs guys…