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Amino Acid Capsules


i've never taken amino acid capsules nor do i really plan on taking them, but i'm a curious fellow so i was looking at the ingredients on the label of one amino acid capsules bottle and the first and main ingredient was 'whey protein'.

so does that mean it's just regular whey protein that is packaged as capsules or is there more to this?


Amino acids ('full spectrum if you like) in that case are just little tablets of protein, so to get a decent amount, you'd have to eat loads which would be expensive. BCAA's, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are something else, see the relevant threads, they are of particular use.


thanks Stiggy, yeah, i don't plan on getting that stuff, i've just always been curious about them. so then, it's virtually the same as having an equivalent amount of whey powder?


Well not exactly...many of the complete amino acids are filled with binders inc. stuff like di-calcium phosphate. Most amino acid tablets are manufactured for animal use, some are in the D rather than L type.

BCAA's have a place...as far as complete amino acids go, they are rather pointless. Back in the 80's you had guys taking handfulls of whilst out of the house and stuff. Then came the 'liquid gels' and the stuff.

A long time ago my main supplementation was Ultimate Nutrition Amino Acid tablets, Liver tablets, MCT oil and Joe Weider's Dynamic Muscle Builder (with Dibencozide). Funnily enough, none of these are popular supplements these days...

With the advancement of protein technology, they are pretty much pointless. Something like the bars sold in the T-Nation shop would be load better for protein and generally nutritionally.


I just bought a Amino acid blend protein shake, called Amplify. I was taking Grow! for a while, but you have to mix 16 oz. each serving....vs. 8 from the new one.
Is one better than the other? I am not real savvy when it comes to the supplements.
any advice?


I don't know the supplement in question but I looked it up.....on Google.

This is what's in it...according to the makers :

"Key Ingredients: Whey Protein Concentrate, Egg Protein, Whey Protein Isolate, L-Glutamine"

So certainly its not any worse than any other protein products using similar ingredients, unless there is a quality issue. Is it better than Grow! With my limited knowledge of protein supplements I would say no its not. But I think they call Grow! Metabolic Drive complete or something now. The Metabolic Drive contains Micellar casein in addition to the usual suspects and would have more applications in progressive muscle building, in other words its better than this Amplify stuff.


right on! i appreciate your time researching, THanks


thanks a lot for the thorough answer!