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Amino Acid Blood Test Result Surprising

Got my blood results for an amino acid test. Laid off all supplements and powders for a few days beforehand and was surprised to see that the levels of all the amino acids were in the range apart from one - Glutamic Acid. I realise nobody seems to care about Glutamic acid as it appears to be readily available in food and easily converted from a number of other amino acids and compounds - aspartic acid,ornithine, arginine, proline, and alpha-ketoglutarate. My levels of ornithine, arginine were at the high end. I also had good levels of Glutamine which I think is made from Glutamic acid.

Does anyone understand how this can be? Looking at food sources - I eat oats and peanuts which both look loaded with it.

I am also looking to optimise the other amino acids which may be at the lower end of the range compared to others - eg lysine was low whereas arginine was high end.

BTW I am on T replacement now in middle of range and have osteoporosis. I’m also taking Vit D, Calcium, Magnesium, B Complex, K2, Boron and zinc mainly for the bone health.

I am also suffering from death by Google!

what is the point of these amino tests?

The point it to find out levels of various amino’s and whether they are in balance. As I have osteoporosis I am wanting to supplement lysine if it wasn’t already high. Lysine helps build collagen which is the base material that the bone minerals deposit on. I don’t want high overall protein consumption as this can lead to further bone loss as minerals are pulled out of the bone. I can’t afford to lose more bone density and getting as much information to help me balance out my body is an approach I thought may help.