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Amilkar's First Log


this is my first online log ever haha.


Age: 19 - Height: 1.79m - Weight: 78kg


Deadlift: 265lbs - Squat: 205lbs - Bench - 195lbs

New Years Resolution:

10,000 pullups - Current 210
10,000 push ups - Current 295
10,000 OHP - Current 200

i am doing currently Brian’s Alsruhe routine, which is a 3 month linear periodization
first month its 3 sets of 8, second month 5 sets of 5, and third month 10 sets of 3.
it is done in a giant set fashion. four days a week i train, dl day, squat day, bench day, and OHP day, i try doing 3 giant sets, main, secondary, and accesory

already done with first month, so i will start the blog with the second month