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Ami Cusack on Survivor 9

Maybe this is old news and I was just out of the loop…

Bill Phillips’ (ex?) girlfriend Ami Cusack is on the upcoming Survivor on CBS this fall. As an old MM2K reader, it seemed like she was pictured in every other issue back in the day…

I had thought they were still together, but her Survivor bio (link below) says:
“Cusack is currently dating Crissy, whom she’s been with for three years.”

Hmmmm…Crissy sounds female…I wonder if Crissy is in the nude photo of Ami that TC sports in his living room???

Yep. I remember her. You’re right, she was on every damn page of that magazine about ther time that it started to go crappy. They used to have Alphie Newman in there a lot and then suddenly it’s Ami Cusack andf the rest of Bill’s toys. It seemed like every second page was Bill Phillips saying look at my girl, look at my house, look at my car, look at my office. It became less of a bodybuilding mag and more of a catalogue of Bill’s belonging.
Still, it’ll be interesting to see what she’s like on the show.

can’t believe survivor is still surviving. the first show was great, but after that… wasn’t quite the same.

I met Ami in the mid-90s in Vegas at a MM2K seminar. She was smoking hot back then, and acted wild when we all met at a club. Her picture in her bio on the Survivor site looks a little rough. Maybe when Bill turned into Gay Malibu Ken she turned gay as well…