Amherst College Students???

Hey I am going to be visiting Amherst College in Massachussets.

Anyone attend this school? I know its quite small but i thought T-Nation is big and if there is someone there i could train with them at the gym there…


Just visiting?

I go to UMass, not too far away. But I’m home for the summer.

Yeah im visiting for a couple of weeks to see my girlfriend, she is in her last year at Amherst.

I’ll be there when school starts back, september 10th till 20 something. So i really have nothing to do while she is in class…

How far is your school from Amherst??

Thanks for hitting me back

I just graduated from Umass and there are at least 4 gyms within a few miles of Amherst College/Umass.

  1. Golds (nice and big but busy during school season. go down rt 9 and turn onto Mass Ave.)

  2. Ultimate Fitness (most hardcore and just as close but is like being in a fish bowl. by stop&shop on rt. 9)

  3. Hampshire Fitness (dunno. other way down rt. 9)

  4. Kinetics Adult Fitness (sucks ass)

Thanks Dorso

I will have to check out those places…

Golds sounds like something, I have never been to America and would like to see a big crowd of people training just to compare it to home.

Ill check it out.

And if anyone out there goes to Amherst please respond cos i will be on campus and would love to meet some T-Nation followers while i am there.

bro don’t even bother with golds. the gym at amherst kicks ass.


Do you got to Amherst? or you just have trained there before?

What sort of crowd do you get at the gym at amherst? Just regular type people trying to lose a few or gain a few, or more hardcore types?

Do you know much about the school?


no but i’ve lifted there. it’s a typical college crowd but they take their athletics pretty seriously for a small school and from what i saw lots of the students on teams were doing sport specific programs. equipment wise they have everything.then there’s umass just a couple miles away which has everything times 5 plus their own zip code. amherst college though is consistantly ranked the #1 or #2 liberal arts school in the country. it seems like they alternate 1 and 2 w/ williams college every year.