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Ames Debate


So what is everyone's thoughts on tonights debates?


Didn't manage to catch it, but who conducted that poll and how?


That there were five football games on, don't care if it's preseason still beats that!


This is Fox News first poll. They pulled it down because Ron Paul dominated, then they started up another one and Ron Paul is winning huge again. To vote you had to put in your zip code and name. I was surprised at the poll as well, kinda shoots the frindge candidate theory out the window now.

LOL at Fox.


I really, really don't like Fox News. They pull crap like that all the time. Other outlets might have bias but this sort of manipulation takes the cake.


Yeah I used to defend Fox but after last debate and this one I can't do it anymore. To much manipulation to try and get who they want to win out there instead of who actually won.


Santorum exposed Paul for the joke he is. I can't believe how blatant Paul's appeasement platform is. Shameful.

'Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities.' - Winnie


Ron Paul


Best of Ron Paul kookiness:

'Because ah..is a...there's been a coup! Haven't you heard? It's a CIA coup! The CIA runs everything! They run the military...they're every bit as secretive as the Federal Reserve..they're in drug businesses and ah..(drowned out by applause)' - Ron Paul


Well, Sex Machine, you may have a Santorumesque view of the role for American Foreign policy, but it cannot escape the fact that we ARE responsible, yes, completely 100% responsible, for the current THEOCRACY ruling Iran. We DID support a coup against a democratically elected leader. Thus, like many other failed attempts at installing stooges in countries, we end up creating our own enemies. Saddamm hussein was another good example.

So you tell me, how is THAT better than diplomacy? Lets fuck up a democracy, so a void can be filled with someone we now have a pretext to hate even more? Great for the military industrial complex and fear mongering that people like you are susceptible to. You cant look at a present day situation without analyzing the pretext under which it occurred. No wait, I also forgot, boycotts and sanctions have worked SOOOO well with cuba.

John S,

I read CNN polls talking about Bachman this and Bachman that, when it was clear that she was far behind Ron in the polls. CNN likes to pick winners, just as Fox does, with their corporatists leanings. Its hard to deny the results though.


Not sure what you are getting at. Sure Ron Paul comes across as loony, but there is a lot of truth in what he says. I would say the odds are greater that the CIA is involved in drugs than the odds they aren't. (Not sure if that was the point of your post or not.)

I can't believe the trust some people have in government to do the right thing. Especially when we see they do not, time after time. (not necessarily directed at you SM)


More Ron Paul kookiness:

'I'd like to get rid of the Department of Education, the Department of Agriculture, just go down the list get rid of it..cut the budget in half. Everything that's not constitutional, that's a good place to start...the Department of Education should be cut, it's unconstitutional!'


Come on that's crazy talk! The CIA 'runs the military', 'runs everything' and is involved in 'drug businesses'?


Okay, so he doesn't admit he's a 911 truther as this video title claims and I know he would explain this away by saying he meant the truth about government negligence, but this video is really creepy. It was actually made by Alex Jones supporters who like what they see in Ron Paul.


The Department of Education costs you like a 100 billion $ a year and hinders your schools considerably. The DoA has been making the populace fat for years and years. How exactly is it kooky to want to get rid of them? And how is it kooky to want to abide by the rule of law?

I think it might be you who's the kooky one.


It's ok, we'll just keep lowering graduation standards so that graduation rates go up. That'll show the rest of the world how great our education system is! Oh wait...


Let's get real. Regardless of Ron Paul. You think that anytime money is there to be made that people won't try to manipulate things? Really? I highly fucking doubt the War on Drugs is here to save little Timmy from smoking a joint. I hate to go all conspiracy on you, but no fucking way that what we see on the surface is the truth. Too much money plus human greed. How do you trust they aren't involved? Look at this shit in Mexico just recently, letting gangs buy assult weapons, I don't give a shit if it was supposed to be a sting or not. You trust these fucks to tell the truth?


What? Operation Fast and Furious was a great success...for Mexican drug cartels that is...


Okay, so the CIA has been involved in some shady stuff but they don't 'run everything' and 'run the military'. That's crazy talk. Also, neither you, I nor Ron Paul has any reason whatsoever to believe that the CIA is involved in 'drug businesses'.


Oh John you do keep trying don't you? In many ways you're like your hero Ron Paul. Okay back to reality, as I've said countless times Ron Paul will win any poll where one person can call in multiple times, such as the FOX News poll. And he'll also win where people can be bused in from other locations. And why? Because many of Paul's followers are like John S. They're over the top and will do just about anything to make Paul look good, (unfortunately Paul cannot make Paul look good). They're young males who can drop what they're doing and take a 3 or 4 hour bus ride to vote. Or, call into FOX News multiple times under different names. That poll means nothing and Paul remains a fringe candidate.