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America's Strongest Redneck

Is anybody else going to compete in Red Bluff, CA June 9 at the “America’s Strongest Redneck Strongman Competition”. I live in Red Bluff so PM if you’re doing the competition and I tell you want to expect out of this small little town.

Shit I’m back home in California right now. I might go check that out, I’m in Sac. I ain’t competing though lol

I will be competing in the under 200s probaly. Since the weights are the same for 200 and 200-231lb classes I might compete in the 200-231 if I am around 210-215 by that time.

www.redneckolympics.com for more info

entry form should be on www.nastrongmaninc.com under umpcoming contests


Yeah, we are bringing a few guys from the Sacramento area up there. Looks like a fun weekend.

If you guys are in the Sac are, you are more than welcome to come down and hit some events w/ us. We will be going at 1000 on Sat 4/14. We usually train Saturdays, but will miss next week. We are going down to Clovis to check out the pro am.

If you guys are interested in coming down, shoot me a PM

see you in Red Bluff


I ain’t strong enough to compete in somethin’ like that but it looks like hella damned fun to be around. I gotta be at work at 6:00 A.M. the next morning so it’s looking like I’ll have to miss it. Good luck out there though, wish I was there