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America's Strongest Man

For those who care, Steve Macdonald just won America’s Strongest Man.

I care, tell us more.

How’d Kevin Nee do?

and why didn’t marunde participate?

[quote]KBCThird wrote:
For those who care, Steve Macdonald just won America’s Strongest Man.[/quote]

Awesome, congrats if he reads here.

[quote]Dirty Tiger wrote:
I care, tell us more.[/quote]

This was an EXTREMELY close championship with 1.5 pts separating 1st thru 3rd. Consistency is what did it for Macdonald. Other than the conans wheel (where he took 8th) he was in the top 4 placings on every event.

Travis Ortmayer, the favorite to win coming into this competition got off to a bad start on the first day. Because he did poorly in the overhead medley and because he bombed the car squat, Travis’ 5 first place finishes and 1 second place finish in the other events only got him third place.

Jon Andersen was leading at the end of day one but couldnt hold off Macdonalds relentless advance and ended up in 2nd by only half a point.

Also making a splash were first-time competitors Kevin Nee and Derek Poundstone (what a great name for a strongman :-)). Derek can claim 2 second place finishes (log medley and Conon’s wheel) but, like Travis, was also hurt by a goose egg on the squat. Nee won the Carry and Drag medley, and had 2 third place finishes (tire flip and stones).

Rounding out the group of six invitees to IFSA’s Pan-Am games is Nick Best. The top 6 traded places throughout the second day, but in the end, these were the same who had finished in the top six on day one.

Awesome. Thanks for the information.

I’m personally a big Kevin Nee fan. Love his dirty jersey style.