America's strongest man-results

THE 2001 US CHAMPION OF STRONGMAN was crowned to day at the American Hercules Strongman Championship in Kokomo Indiana(saw a few T-mag shirts in the crowd).

The show was the US championship for 2001 and also determined the final three American spots to WORLDS STRONGEST MAN.
Brian schoonveld-1st,
Johnny Perry-3rd,
Mark Phillippi-4th,
Odd Haugen-5th,
Chad Coy-6th-American Alternate for the WSM…

The weather rained out the three final events, but we took the final placings…as the promoter that was the choice I had to make , but as an athlete I would like to think that I could have climbed into on of the spots!
The proseeds went to Big Brothers Big Sisters…thanks to all the T-men that came…Lowel I saw you!

Thanks for the posting the Strongman results. Would have liked to say hi but I knew you had plenty of things on your mind. (I didn’t think you would remember me). I really enjoyed the competition and will be there next time. I sat next to Mark Phillipi’s brother both days and also talked with Mrs.Schoonie. Everyone was friendly and not a bit stuck up.
It was obvious that although you were a bit smaller than some of the other competitors, you more than held your own in most of the events. Was also impressed the way the competitors cheered each other on.

Chad, congratulations to you and Schoonveld! That is awesome bro. Like I wrote last week, I was unable to be in Kokomo in person (spent the weekend visiting grandparents in Mississippi of all places, grrrrr) but nonetheless, it seems you guys kicked ass. How did Neese do? And was Heflin in the audience cheering you on???

Cameron helped out on the field!

Next year we will use a diferent format…we will probably go back to the Festival or maybe to the county fair so we can get a better crowd.
I was a liitle disappointed, but I did the best I could and came out better than I have in the past…I have been in the top 10 for 4 years now…maybe next year will be my time…unless one of the top 5 get bonked out!

I like this sport because we all cheer each other on and well we are all friends after the show and for the most part during.