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America's Gift to the World...


I recently Made a phone call to a friend in another part of the world, across oceans and continents. I used "Skype", completely free and we could see each other on screen in real time and full color. How cool is that. And free! lol.

Yes, the best gift of all time has been given to the people of this planet for free and changed it forever. The gift immediately began a new Era of Human Existence. What was this gift?

The Internet.

It began the Internet Age. We now have access to more info of any type you can possibly think of then any human ever in our existential history. Just think, people in their 30's actually will still remember the time without the internet. What a dark age that was. Come to think of it, they'll remember a time without cell phones, but that's another story.

So forgive my naive outlook but in the light of the negativity around our country for some time, it's good to think on the positive side of things brought to the world by the USA.

The internet will IMO, exponentially accelerate the Intellectual evolution of our human species.


You don't have to be in your 30s to remember a time pre-internet or cell phone. Heck, I remember getting a cordless phone for the first time and it being a huge deal.


Pretty close. The Internet was really just becoming useful to the masses when I was a freshman in College. I would say this was perfect timing for me. Porn, plagerization, etc really wouldn't have been much use to me before this. I was too active in other things and don't recall having any free time I would have spent on the internet. I am 32 and it's getting hard for me to appreciate life before the internet. I am a reseach and information junkie, almost to a fault, and I can't imagine life without the internet. I do spend an incredible amount of time on it but the efficiencies is provides allow me much more free time and money.


I'm sure people felt the same way in Philo Farnsworth's time.


I disagree. I remember when Atari first came out, anyway.... The internet could make people better informed BUT people have to be willing to actually look for information. IMO the internet is like having an encyclopedia to everything right there in your home but if people are too lazy to open the books they arent going to learn. Go take a look at that obamaforum the ignorance on that is amazing. I know I come up with some wild thoughts and opinons once and while, ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sex_girls_pictures_hot_pics_photo_women/birthrates_and_butts ) but I use actual facts that I get from multiple sources from the net. Some people won't take the time to even look.


Good Call! For example, I learned from numerous sources, including PWI, that Obama is a Kenyan-born, Indonesian Muslim. I got this these

People don't even bother too look up [i][u]quality[/i][/u] sources, like PWI, on the net!


I'm now going to quote you on those facts as a reliable source in a real life argument. Thanks.


Hey, not to be a thread killer but the higher birth rate nations arent so quick to label women with some hips as "fat".


You're kidding right? You know it was invented by a Brit.



Women with a "Gynoid" body type are more fertile. But in America they are called fat i.e. the Kim Kardashian cellulite comment.


No it was Al Gore http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpxtKcLSFWw


Oh my yes. Good news everyone! I've invented the internet!

Wah? Oh my yes, the internet has been around for a long time. But never in the form of a suppository!

(Read in the voice of Proffessor Hubert J Farnsworth.)


Technically, it was an amalgamation of many networks, one being French, two being American, and one being developed by CERN in Switzerland or Sweden (I can never remember which).

We contributed Arpanet though, which was the biggest part I believe.