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America's Finest


For all the wonderful people who make it possible for us to work, goof off, take the kids fishing, and yes...keyboard away...God bless you guys.




These are from I-Day at the USNA. They're pics are way better than mine, as they can be on the inside. No shots of kids getting shots though. My son got 4.


Good for him. Congratulations.


Thanks, man! Saved his old man at least $100,000 and the education they get there is incredible, estimated worth of over $400,000. He wants to go USMC but I think the Physics or Crypotologist people will get ahold of him first. :wink:


Your son just arrived at Annapolis on the first right?

And those shots suck. Don't know if the marines do it but the booty shot is a bitch.

Edited to change navy to marines.


USNA is the best of the best...I'm sure your son will make you proud. I'm aiming for Marine OCS next summer! Just have to get my ass in shape lol.


Yeah, they let the plebes come and say goodbye, after they take the oath, when he told us about the shots. Four does suck. I'm fine with one or two, but four.