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America's Favorite Past Time

Let’s start a good debate. Which sport is america’s favorite past time? Is it Baseball, Football, or Basketball? I am going to go with Baseball, what is everyonelse’s thoughts and opinon on this?

By sheer volume of spectators, it’s auto racing, although I hesitate to call that a sport. I guess I’d still have to go with Baseball, but the Super Bowl is the biggest single event.



I hope baseball, it is the world’s greatest sport. I am lost with out it. But I really hope the owners and players don’t do anything else to fuck it up. I am really glad that Tom Glavine is with the Mets. I say good ridance you greed-bag. Go BraveS!

Officially, it’s baseball, of course, but I think “past” and baseball have a lot in common - two things that we’re done with. It’s football now. More strategy and more distinctly American, considering the number of other countries that play our version, let alone the variety of positions (the variety reflects our melting pot origins) and the physicality.

Let the flames begin.

College Football.

I think that Americas favorite pasttime is eating and getting fat :slight_smile:

Right now it’s football, although NASCAR is starting to give football a run for it’s money. It seems Baseball and basketball have kinda fallen off.

If it’s NASCAR, it’s time to head to Canada. Unfreakinbelievable.

I would have to disagree with Jared’s comment on football requiring more strategy than baseball…I would love to hear the reasons behind this assumption.


Baseball is America’s favorite ‘pastime’.

Football is America’s favorite sport.

I like Ike’s Answer… Good call there.

unfortunately, auto racing has been growing in popularity over the past decade, which has lead me to propose the following hypothesis: the average IQ of a population is inversely proportional to the population’s average Body Mass Index.

i meant to say auto racing has increased in popularity, as has the rate of obesity in america.

Most of my post about baseball was to upset baseball fans. If I ever need to go to sleep, I can just turn on a baseball game, because I find baseball that boring.
As far as the strategy thing, I just see many more options for how games can play out. There are less automatic decisions to be made in football, and thus less agreement on appropriate strategies. I understand that there is a lot of strategy in baseball, it’s just that my apathy for the game leads me to not really consider any of the strategy. Even thinking about it makes me slee…zzzzzzzz

Alright, Jared, I can buy that…I guess if you’re sleeping you can’t really appreciate everything that goes into each and every pitch that’s thrown.

Don’t worry Drew, you got it right. As BMI goes up, IQ goes down. Inversely proportional.

Baseball is America’s favorite pasttime (although it is in jeopardy). One more strike and it will not be the same.

Closing quickly on its heels are;

Nascar is gaining huge momentum.

Football is at an all time high in popularity.

Steve, I know I don’t appreciate what goes into each and every pitch. I really don’t want to get into a heated discussion about the two sports, as it is nearly religious in nature as far as conversation topics go. We could debate forever. I think football and basketball reflect our nation’s addition deficit disorder a lot more, though.