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America's Child Death Shame


America's Hidden Shame

Highest child abuse rate in the industrialised world. Absolutely shocking for a country which tries to spread it's ideals across the globe.


I noticed a trend in the story, maybe they should look at crime rate in the areas of the stories as well, look at poverty level, number of people using entitlements, other stats as well. I would bet the overall crime rate is higher in these area's as well.

This is what the progressive movement has done to big cities in the US, thank you for pointing that out.


This report was produced by the Blatantly Biased Corporation so we do need to take that into consideration. I am sure they have cherry picked the numbers so they can present the US in the worst possible light.

For example Al Beeb is very pro EU but when I look at the statistics in that report they don't compare the US to the EU, which would be a fairer comparison, they compare the US to individual countries. ie France, Germany, Britain. Where is Romania? They are in the EU.

What are they classifying as abuse? ie I am sure the US has much lower rates of female circumcision and forced marriage than Britain or France, but they didn't include those statistics. Of course then again they don't have an accurate accounting of such abuse.

This is just another typical propaganda piece from the BBC. They carefully choose how they make their comparisons in order to support their agenda. Which is. Look how awful America is and how much better things are over here.


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Go on.


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Yes we're all ready. Go ahead.