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Americans Love MMA, BB is Dying


Americans are mostly an honest and upfront people. Bodybuilders want to look hardcore while martial artists (esp MMA) actually want to BE hardcore. I think that this is a big reason why most young men head straight for MMA and laugh at bodybuilders. MMA now has UFC and WEC, plus sundry minor leagues. MMA fighters are actually sometimes in the mainstream media.

I'd bet 99 people out of a 100 couldn't name the current Mr. Olympia, but Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Rich Franklin would probably get 10/100 or even more. People recognize that bodybuilders are like the little midget king in Shrek, building a big castle (body) to surround themselves while inside remaining a midget. And building a huge muscular body for no purpose or to hide in is irrational.

So, goodbye bodybuilding. Martial art --> building the SPIRIT!!!


This is a serious question since I may be too young to be familiar, but was bodybuilding as a SPORT ever that mainstream? MMA is becoming mainstream, kinda like basketball or football (except not at that level yet). And that is why kids are flocking to mma gyms, but i don't think its taking away from kids lifting weights, or 'bodybuilding'.

Oh, and i don';t think the word 'hardcore' is only reserved for fight training. I think a lot of bodybuilders workouts would be classified as 'hardcore' even though they are building their body, and not learning how to defend a takedown.


I fully support your endeavor if that means you'll finally stop posting in the bodybuilding section.

What do you say? My support for your word not to post in that forum?

Oh wait, you already gave us your word you would stop posting on this website altogether.


Why would a bodybuilder give a shit about fighting?

It could be said that there are 2 ways to go:

  1. I'm insecure, so I'll improve myself through strength training and bodybuilding.

  2. I'm insecure, so I'll take up MMA so I can fight to prove I'm a man.




And I'll betcha the next big thing is going to be rock-climbing.

Let's see, we've had snowboarding/skateboarding, bodybuilding, and fighting all as specialized fad activities, so I'm just trying to follow the logical path.

Maybe it'll be extreme kayaking.


Headhunter, I hate you and you are void of intelligence


Most martial arts guys are shrimps with bad attitudes who need to compete in a "fighting sport" in order to stay out of jail.

Both sports are incredibly trashy.

The sport of bodybuilding isn't about stage competitions. It's about using weight training and nutrition to modify one's physique. That hasn't died out, and isn't going to.

Anyone who lifts weights with aesthetic goals is a bodybuilder, whether they know it or not. This includes 50 year old women looking to drop 10 lbs.


This is like comparing apples to chicken - not even in the same food group.

Personally, I like both, but I think the reason for your comments on MMA are due in part (mostly actually) to the commercialization of MMA right now. Dana White has done a great job and making millions and commercializing MMA and getting the type of media coverage that exists today.

If every night on The Spike Network, were hour long shows on bodybuilding and powerlifting, diving into the workouts, nutrition, and the gyms, not to mention a focus on people that have the right personality exactly what Dana does BTW), and you have a winning combination for mainstream TV with a lot of people world-wide would start getting into bodybuilding and powerlifting.


MMA is a result of the fall of boxing so it didn't make it into the mainstream on its own.


Terrible troll.


And in MMA, just as bodybuilding, about 1 in 100000 talking about it, actually get close to a competetive level.


Except that MMA is a multi-million, if not billion, dollar spectator sport.

I don't fight or train to fight, but I do pay to watch certain fights. Meanwhile, I've been weight training my entire adult life and have never paid to watch a bodybuilding competition. I've been to a few in person and found them rather boring.

I don't see why other bodybuilders would get offended by this since. Besides, if your bodybuilding because it's popular you're probably not all that serious about it. I'd continue training my body even if no one else did.


I do agree that the OP is simply a troll, however, since there's no point to his thread here.

Do what you love, not what's popular.


Actually dumbass, bodybuilding will never die, because theres always going to be people like us (except you) that want to work hard, and get up on stage and show off our years of work. theres an old saying I heard from Bas Rutten: "to the new guys wanting to start in MMA, your cut out for it if you want to put in the time and effort to get ready for a big fight, your an ameteur that will go NOWHERE if you just want to throw the gloves on and throw down on a pay per view."


This is my point. I distinctly remember Headhunter's activity in an old thread about DC training. He was enthusiastic about it and talked about how much he liked the core philosophies. Last time I checked... DC is for bodybuilders. Pure and simple.

Yet, he's now denouncing bodybuilding, like he's got the last say. "Aw shucks, hun. Headhunter just said Bodybuilding is dead. Guess we better do MMA now."

When, in actuality, he's just a moronic, hypocrital, extremist douchebag.


While I believe that BBing and MMA are compeltely different goals, they do have one thing in common... too many young kids walking around as dellusional wannabes.

Just as 10 years ago when every 15 year old idiot started doing pushups after school and wearing his t-shirts a size too small, was walking around with elbows jutted to the sides, hoping someone would notice, Now we have the same type of idiots walking around in their 'Tapout' or 'Affliction' shirts, or sporting the too-tight wife-beater tank tops and mouthing off about how they're an MMA fighter to anyone within earshot(not saying that they train, but that they're a 'fighter').

I studied (and even taught!) karate for a long time when I was younger, but I never felt the need to ramble on about it OR try to present myself as a 'fighter' (I wasn't, I never had a professional fight in my life!). Even after BBing for YEARS (16 years now), I always would tell people that I 'train', not that I was a 'Bodybuilder' (although now that I've competed and have a bunch of trophies, I've changed my tune a little bit -lol).

People need some sense of identity, and something like BBing, or MMA, that seems to have a preconceived reputation attached to it (being tough?) is the simplest way for a young kid to achieve some sense of one.

Even with the popularity of MMA, I doubt Bodybuilding will die simply because the people who are serious about it, who embrace it as part of their lifestyle, do not get involved for any fleeting glory or sense of self. It becomes something they do, and usually will continue for many years to come. I think MMA if more of a short term thing, especially when you consider the wear on the body, I can't imagine too many competitors having any considerable longevity the way a BBer might (and to be honest, most BBers don't have much longevity either!)



It's threads like this which make me consider the idea that we should really start restricting threads that get approved on T-Nation. Instead of useful topics people can learn from, it's filling up with crap like this.

Listen jackass, bodybuilding wasn't mainstream from day one. Back in Arnold's day most people had never heard of bodybuilding...not like today where many people have heard of it but don't know anyone that actually does it...bodybuilders got asked if they were football players. Go MMA or whatever fad u want after that...why bother posting about it. (In old man's voice) "Us bodybuilders are freaks, and we like it that way!


I agree that this the OP's post is dumb, but it is in the 'Get A Life' forum.

If you don't want off topic threads, I recommend you avoid this particular forum.


Weights don't hit back. (To paraphrase Bruce Lee). Of course, the ideal combination would be a good martial art (to develop spirit) and bodybuilding (to develop the physique). Full development of mind and body through these means, along with getting as much education as possible, would be ideal.


I take it this was originally posted in the bodybuilding forum??