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Americans Love Golf, BB is Dying


Why be tough when you can have wealth?
Expensive golf clubs can be great weapons! Millions of Americans can be found out in the sunshine, on the green, getting fresh air and exercise for 18 holes. Who would want to waste years in a dank, dark gym doing dangerous lifts like squats and deadlifts? Besides, it all turns to fat when you get old anyway. But with golf, even fatties can (and do) play!


how long does one of those avatars take to create from start to finish?


I like golf...


Americans are mostly an honest and upfront people. Bodybuilders want to look hardcore while golfers (esp PGA) actually want to BE hardcore. I think that this is a big reason why most young men head straight for Golf and laugh at bodybuilders. Golf now has PGA and Europea PGA, plus sundry minor leagues. Golfers are actually sometimes in the mainstream media.

I'd bet 99 people out of a 100 couldn't name the current Mr. Olympia, but Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh would probably get 10/100 or even more. People recognize that bodybuilders are like the little midget king in Shrek, building a big castle (body) to surround themselves while inside remaining a midget. And building a huge muscular body for no purpose or to hide in is irrational.

So, goodbye bodybuilding. Golf --> building the SPIRIT!!!


"why I don't want to drive 405"


I don't know about golf, but golf CARTS are the most awesome thing ever, especially when you're wasted.




Hahaha... I just watched Suicide Kings last night, Denis Leary beating that fool down with a club and then bitchin about them being "graphite pieces of shit..."

Good stuff.


Speaking of golf, I read that Tiger Woods had an operation on his eyes and has better then perfect 20/20 vision. Is that fucking cool or what?


Geez, what a cheater! I knew he wasn't natty...



to be honest, do you think this should be allowed? he has improved his sight to 20/15 or something, ie. even better than normal eyesight. how is that so different from using a mechanical club to hit the ball farther? or using PEDs?


How does seeing better enable him to hit the ball better?

In the past, my eyesight was over corrected with contacts, I didn't become some sort of super woman. I don't really see how it's such a benefit.


Average americans are also largely a poor, debt-ridden, obese, unattractive and uneducated people.

Yes, I TOTALLY agree we should care about what they are interested in lol.


Golf just seems to be one of those sports where you're either good at it, or you're not.

Kinda like maths at school, you either have a good mathematical brain, or you don't.

But both are dull and boring as hell.


it would massively improve putting ability among many other things.


And pray tell, whats stopping the other golfers from doing the same if they feel it would make a significant difference? Its not illegal, easily performed and doesn't cost an arm and a leg for someone already on the pro circuit.


Man, I can't stand when people even jokingly refer to playing a round of gold as getting 'exercise' -lol. My buddy Steve and I started playing 'meathead golf' a few summers ago. Basically we both suck horribly, but who doesn't love wacking the hell out of a golf ball? So our man goal is to just distract ourselves so we stay outdoors and get a tan. We do usually get the nasty looks from the 'usual' type of golfers... us walking around with our shirts off, and laughing hysterically when we make an especially bad shot, getting into gold club swinging fights, throwing each others' ball into the woods. Sadly, we're not the young guys you would expect this sort of asinine behavior from.... Guess us bodybuilders are going the way of the dinosaur though...



An hour or somewhat less.


why would he have had his vision improved BEYOND 20/20 except for it to have an advantage to his game? do you think at that level something as vital as improved eyesight wouldnt make a difference? of course it would. many other top golfers, eg vijay singh HAVE had this operation as well.

my point is why is this allowed when it is so obviously performance enhancing?


GREAT frigging movie!!