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Americans In Torino


You know I just returned from Italy and although I didn't attend the events (I was too busy on the slopes myself) my friends were there and saw an extraordinary thing.

At the hockey games whenever Russia was playing it seemed as though every Russian in Moscow was attending and made their presence known by wearing identical designer Russian team jackets with red pants and red footwear.
Boy could you tell Russia was present.

Americans on the other hand kept a low profile and would pull out their American flags from inside their jackets and knapsacks only after they were safely in the stadium and would then hide them again immediately after each event.

They explained to my Canadian friends that they do not feel safe anymore outside America and have been harrassed by local muslims and sympathisers.
They even showed my friends phony Canadian documents which are being sold to Americans so that in case of trouble they can flash them and be left to go on their merry way. They have also taken to wearing small patches with the maple leaf and other Canadian insignia on their things.

What has happened to the Americans that were loved by everyone?????
Is being an American living abroad becoming dangerous?
Will this situation change for the better or spiral into something far worse?


The criminals hate the 'police' and your surprised? Harassed by muslim-scum? How about a nice hammerfist to the schnoze, instead of hiding your identity? I've walked around in foreign countries proudly displaying that I'm an American and no one has confronted me ever -- of course I'm 6'6" and 285. If they ever do, they better have a weapon.

Americans, hiding their identities like timid mice! Shame!!


I agree with you on the shame part.
If your gonna talk the talk then walk the walk...


I have traveled in Europe, Mexico and the Carribean often in the past few years. I have never felt initimdated or felt the need to hide the fact I am an American.


me either, i've traveled all over(all 6 inhabited continents) and i've been treated very, very well for being an American.

The only place i've ever felt any type of Anti-Americanism was in Australia during the first gulf war...we ran into a few people who were NOT happy that their country was sending troops. Ironically, i have been back to oz several times after the second gulf war and never felt any anti-americanism...


Yea ok. You are all CIA killers.
I am talking about the regular family joe shmoe who is an accountant at the local bank.
He is scared shitless.


You may have a higher opinion of Europeans then we do.


you should.


Why your're just Europeans. Nothing to actually worry about. Too funny.

Try visiting New York. I'd give you about 15 mins in the Bronx before you get taken to school.