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American's Get a Life


Once again your war on drugs is making you all look like total fucking morons. I can only shack my head in disbelief. At the stupidity surrounding this and many more examples of Tyranny in your FREE country.

I think's it time to wake up and smell the pot.



Read title again.


Just f*cking legalize it and end all the ridiculousness. I'm so sick of the US and their stance on pot. It's 100% counterintuitive and everyone is just "scared" of legalizing it because they are to goddamn stubborn. I'll end it there b/c I don't feel like ranting today.


Hahaha... man, I think you're a cool dude, and the article is interesting and all that jazz...

But the unnecessary apostrophe in the title of this thread may have ensured a glorious fail.

Anyway, I'm not sure what you're so outraged about. Brush this shit under the rug. Michael Phelps is a boner, and pretty much fucked over everything marijuana users have been fighting for in the last... mmm, 50 years or so.


I'm shacking my head too.



The way I see it, an Olympic athlete of his caliber takin a puff only serves to disprove the myth that drug users are unproductive dumb members of society. It's ironic that even after all his hard work it isn't the drugs that almost did him in but our on government hmmmmm....


I'm too stupid to shack my head. What with being a total fucking moron and whatnot. I could hurt mesself.


It was the drugs. Whenever I get a speeding ticket I don't blame the government.

Well, once or twice.


You must've been high when you wrote this.


Well...they didn't really make him a worse athlete or better one. I can see that we have different perspectives on this so it's cool.

Edit: I'm still lol'ing at that poker millionaire. NEVER post info that might come back to haunt you on the net lol.


America will rock yo shit.


Every been photo radared, really sucks. A surprise in the mail three weeks later.


Not all Canadians generalize Americans in one catagory.

Just sayin'


A definite point and laugh.


No one's questioning his use of drugs as an athlete. It's his use of drugs as a public figure.

If he wants to smoke some pot at a party, that's fine. Just don't get caught green-handed during your fifteen minutes. Phelps has always struck me as a sort of Forrest Gump. He ain't that smart, but boy can he run!


Ah, we agree more than I previously thought. I also cramped up my right leg at the Gump pun lol.


Whats this "your war on drugs" BS?

I just live here, doesnt mean its my war. Honestly.


I'll echo it again, your lack of grammar in the thread title ensured that you have absolutely no credibility.




Ah, Canadian's and their poor grammar.