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Americans Find Being Fat Not Unattractive



I can not believe there is actually an organization like this...

"Marilyn Wann, board member of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, said fat people are the target of a witch hunt in a fitness-obsessed nation.

"Everyone thinks it's OK to make fun of fatties," said Wann, who won't use the word "overweight" because she says it's judgmental"


"Gravitationally challenged"? "Adipose Superior"? What is the PC word for FAT?


Would a fitness-obsessed nation have the highest rates of obesity in the world? I think not.

If we were really fitness obsessed, rather than beauty or thinness obsessed, we would have more McGyms than we do McDonalds.


Somehow I don't think describing someone as a "fatty" is very PC, either. I suppose it's like black people and the 'N' word.

"We need to put out an APB on a caucasian male, 4'3", 600lbs. That's right. Yeah, he's a Fatty McFatterson from Fatville."


Not true. We're obsessed with the fitness of other people. How many fat people want to have beautiful, trim, model-quality SOs? Answer: all of them.


Excellent point sir.

We are obssessed with fitness but not with legitimate means of achieving the goal, but with the next instant get skinny fast gimmick an infomercial can sell us.


I believe it's "Calorically Challenged"


I love banging fat chicks.


I think the statement that most American find fat people not unattractive or how ever it was worded is flawed and more of the PC Bull Shit that is harming this country.

First in my opinion the term over weight is different than being obese I mean technically aren't most weight trained people over weight I mean surely most Olympia contenders stepping on stage at 5'8" or so and weighing in at close to or above are certainly over weight by normal physiological standards IE a average size healthy person unless they are 7ft or more would not be carrying 300lbs.

Obese people however are carrying extreme adipose tissue stand a 230lb weight lifter next to the 230lb ass crack showing plumper stuffed under your sink and while they may both be technicaly overweight the differance in body composition is where the term overweight becomes a misnomer.

(No offense to plumbers as a whole)

I think people have been forced to conform there true opinions by a society which warns us not to offend people.

If you asked the average woman or man privately if they would like a hot sweaty passionate encounter with someone 100lbs obese. vs. their idea of lets say Brad or Angelina. of course they would say no.

Chubby chasers and other such fetishes aside.

I truly beleive most people have no ill will against the obese but I also believe that most people do not want to be obese or want there partners to be.

This has nothing to do with love or people who like a little extra cushion love is subjective as is attraction.

Obeseity connotates unhealthyness and fitness exudes health.

While most people may ignore weight gain in a spouse or not mention weight gain in a relative. That does not mean they don't mind or if they had a choice would not like to get their arms completely around their lover like they did in the past.

I have never seen anyone who sees someone they know who has shaped up who has not said how wonderful they look or hasn't said to them afterwords I was always so worried about you.

Not finding obesity attractive does not make you a bad person. any more than obesity makes a person undeserving of respect and kindness.

But I do beleive Political Correctness and perhaps kindess guide the answer to whether or not Most Americans find fatness unattractive.

Just a thought.


Just what we need as a country someone arguing that being fat is cool.

Yeah I can see it now. A remake of Diehard with a 500lb bruce willis lookalike running through walls and generally just kicking ass. Is there an alternate ending for when he jumps off the side of the building on the fire hose?

What a crock. Do people have too much time and money on their hands? Heck when I was a kid you got called fatty, hell I did and you either stood up for yourself or you took it. if someone says something to them instead of joining some figurehead who made a group, why don't they do something about it? Crimeny! You don't want to be called fat, then lose the damn fat you fat fucker.


What's so wrong about being judgmental? Isn't everyone judgmental? Mind you, this is very different from being bigoted. Noticing that someone is fatter than a normal person is judging that person. It doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I'm sure that Marilyn Wann has a code of attributes in her ideal life companion. Isn't she being judgmental of those she chooses not to pursue for various reasons?

The fact is that obesity is unhealthy and humans are genetically encoded to pursue mates that are healthy (as a rule). And we also tend to gravitate to those with similar attributes to our own and then proceed to make fun of those that are different. F-ing fatties.



My rule-
If you can't reach around her leg to put on a jimmy don't do it.


Just poking around the NAAFA site and I stumbled upon the Big Fat Blog: http://www.bigfatblog.com/

It's interesting reading to say the least.


Yeah, but the term "overweight" and its parameters is brought to us by the same people that say you need about 50 grams of protein a day.

But, I agree with you: finding obesity attractive is simply not the way humans are wired.

Until, of course, the tequila kicks in.


NAAFA-National Association to Accept Fat People... http://www.naafa.org/

I do accept fatties, they are everywhere, but i do laugh at an association dedicated to accepting a severe health risk in the majority of our polulation.

Standards and bias aside, how mentally let alone physically healthy is it to support this state of the human body..

perhaps an Association For Action for Fat People would do better good.


I am judgemental and not politically correct...so in the words of a not-so- famous guy that we all know...."Die Fatty Die".

Fuck'em. That just means that I look that much better.


"At 5-feet-6 and 230 pounds, Lara Frater likes her body just fine and turns up her nose at trendy diets. I don't beat myself up if I have a piece of cake," said Frater, a 34-year-old New Yorker and author of "Fat Chicks Rule."

AHHHHHHH! Die fatty die!

"Everyone thinks it's OK to make fun of fatties," said Wann, who won't use the word "overweight" because she says it's judgmental."

Anyone else notice that this fucktard won't say "overweight" but she calls the people "fatties"?


Fat people are great!! I like making them do star jumps just to see all of that shit fly about like an angry lava lamp.


lmao@ that lardo in the pic holding the sweat rag!


Americans Find Being Fat Not Unattractive?


Why do they keep procreating?