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American Women Suck


What are your thoughts on "Why American Women Suck" and the downward spiral of the American family caused by the feminist movement?


After being deployed here in Kosovo for awhile it is amazing to see how different the women are by culture. Here almost all the women are amazingly beautiful because they walk everywhere and only have basic foods to eat. This is also a very male dominate region so the female does everything for the man. The man can almost do no wrong in the household. I am not saying that this is a better for women or man. JUst different to notice.


The thread title isn't going to make this a popular topic, I'm afraid. Then again, maybe it's the chauvinism that's going to do it. Tough call.

I'm a sucker for a good argument, so here's my take:

As you can tell from my username, I just might have a bit of a soft spot for the fairer sex. Regardless, my opinion on this matter is definitely on the side of pro-feminism. I think that women who overcome biological and societal pressures to try to achieve something special with their lives instead of being breeding cattle for more future Wal-mart shoppers is an exceedingly good thing. The "decline of the American Family", as you put it, would be better worded to say "the change of the American Family".

Just like any healthy organism, our family structures are adapting to changes in the environment. This is not 1954 anymore. The world is changing whether we like it or not, and that means that the sub-units of our society are going to change too. You can point a finger at any negative statistic, like high school drop-out rates, and blame it on any number of factors, but consistently, many church groups and conservative organizations have singled out feminism as the so-called "root cause".

So we are going to hell in a handbasket because mom has a career, and sister wants to go to grad school? This does not make sense. What does make sense is these groups' agenda in undermining the feminist cause in other issues such as abortion rights, et al, which these groups are fiercely opposed to, so they will as a due matter of course come out against anything the feminists have to say... even if it sounds retarded to somebody who isn't drunk.

Plain and simple, I look at it as a matter of how much of a pussy some guy is. If he's a pussy, he will necessarily feel threatened by a smart and empowered woman who is in control of her destiny; while a stronger, non-pussified man will find those "frightening" qualities admirable and quite stimulating. I guess you could say that it's in the eye of the beholder.


I wonder why such arguments always slip into outlandish comparisions like "cold-hearted go-getter bitch vs. caring mother" on the one hand, and "strong independent woman vs. baby-machine". I don't know which planet you guys are from, but here on Earth, I don't think I've even seen either type. Real women are in the middle.

I do find it funny, when I hear women in the US say things like "I don't want to be a baby breeding machine". Really? When was the last time you heard anyone advocate that? It's like saying "I don't want to be an engineer" - er, OK, sure. Who the hell tried to convince you to become one in the first place? Why are you telling me? I don't want you to become one any more than you do.


Abaddon, I think that those comparisons arise from the two sides (pro-feminist vs. not pro-feminist) trying to caricaturize one another. That's what I certainly did. It's just metaphor... no one actually believes that women fit neatly into some extreme category.

I will say that nothing is sexier for me than an outspoken, even bitchy, woman with confidence in herself. I LOVE women like that. There's a few here at work, and even when they're dead wrong about something, I still admire them. Perhaps I was a lion tamer in another life? Who knows.


Or a subserviant pussy?


Confidence? Yes. Bitchy? Hell no. I can't stand the attitude SOME women have in the south. I have seen the ugliest women act as if they are the shit and it is irritating and disgusting.

As far as being outspoken, I would hope most intelligent women know when to speak up and make their voices heard. From many of the posts, this site seem to attract some very intelligent women...who I actually wish would post more. Without that intelligence, however, being outspoken just makes you LOUD. I hate "loud" women.


Feminism is about letting women be all that they want to be. A strong woman is not a bitch with a career that can never admit she's wrong, give me a break, what brain washed moron would think that, a woman or any person like that is an asshole, pure and simple.

I strong woman is a woman that can build a family with an equally strong man. They form a powerfull unit where she let's him be himself and she can be herself in regard to whatever her aspirations may be, family, career, phd whatever. Femisism is about choices. Just like it takes a stronger man to get his higher education and still raise a family and be a good husband, feminism teaches the same ethic to women. True feminism teaches women that being independent is ok and desirable, but some twist it to mean that they should be independent of everthing and everyone and stereotype men. Femnism is about developing strong character traits and women being confident in themselves. How they apply their confidence and freedom is up to them and some use this as an excuse to be assholes or bitches, if you like. They're missguided.

I would take a true feminist over a wanna be feminist or a regular woman anyday. A true feminish would be with me because she desires me and wants me and not because she's too weak or afraid to find anyone and settles in misery. A true feminist is a woman i can count on to help out when needed and she'll know what to do because she'll be educated, have initiative and be comfortable with her female grace. Yes a true feminish is a strong woman that makes a great partner and is to be highly desired by the strongest of males. A true feminist is a true alfa female that can only be handled and kept happy by a true secure alfa male.

All other feminists are just bitchy little girls that use feminism to prop up their fragile ego and actually set women bak more then they advance them.


"Feminism" doesn't teach this. A woman would learn this from how she is raised. That is where she learns confidence and independence. It isn't like they all attend fem-classes to learn to be independant women. You have a lot of women who overuse that concept, however, and make it a route to degrading every man on the planet and lumping us all into the same category.

I think gender roles are still being figured out in this society and there needs to eventually be some distinction between the male role and the female role. To not do so is to play some politically correct game where women are simply men without dicks.

I think women have proven time and time again that they are capable of everything that used to be traditionally male. However, that doesn't mean that every woman should strive to simply "wear the pants" in a household. Feminism has not taught where this line is crossed or how a woman should be able to walk hand in hand with a man without taking away his masculinity. Again, much of this is taught in the home.

One thing that seems to get trampled is the concept of what a MAN stands for. I personally don't live my life to be walked over by a woman and I would never allow that. A woman can do what she feels, but it needs to be understood that men have their roles as well and those places in society should not be devalued just so women can find a place.


Oh yea and about American women. I'm from Poland and have been here for about 20 years. I love American women. They're the best in the world. Never have i encoutered women that can have careers, be in love with you, go to go go bars with you, then give me the best blow job i have ever had in my life to the point of rolling my eyes back in my head. Then mke me a sandwitch, lol. American girls are just too much for most insecure men to handle. Arnold never had this prblem with having American women.



Are you serious?

I can't believe anyone responded to this in a serious manner.

What about all the damage the other minority groups have caused America since they got all uppity? Why can't we just go back to the 1950s, when everyone knew their place and life was grand?



Interesting that you are in Poland. A friend from the gym just returned from a couple weeks visiting a buddy in Poland. I asked him "What was the biggest unexpected cultural difference you found?" He said "All the women are gorgeous; we're talking supermodel quality, every day, anywhere you go."

Of course, he was traveling with his wife, so he never got the chance to give one a "test drive."


From his post I understood that he was Polish, but had lived in the U.S. for 20 years.

I've met maybe 10 Polish girls in my life; they weren't all supermodel quality. Perhaps I haven't had a large enough sample to carry out proper statistics :slight_smile:

OK, I'll admit they were all slim, and that many American women I've met are chubby.


The Feminist can be defined much like any other group. There are the "fundamentalists" that give it the negative connotation. A "Militant Feminist", or "Womyn" does not speak for most independant women that I've come across (same with Islamics, Christians, etc), but the TRUE feminist isn't an outright bitch for the sake of being a bitch "just because she is a woman".

She doesn't think the world owes her anything that she didn't earn, and certainly isn't owed anything "just because she is a woman". BUT, she doesn't let being a woman hold her back. She doesn't let just being a woman prevent her from following a career goal or any other goal. She doesn't let anyone trample on her because she is "just a woman". She does deserve respect, but only because she earns it.

I liken it to me being a Christian, but certainly NOT wanting to be associated with that group that protested at the marine's funeral.

I was raised in the deep South, as a traditional, stereotypical "Southern Gentleman". You would think, given the stereotypes out there, that my house would be my castle and my wife my servant.

It was not his way for my Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, etc. The only difference between the sexes came in the form of "a man doesn't hit a woman" and the "opening of doors". (for the record- I was raised with two sisters (one older) and have still to this day never struck a female. I may have missed about 20 doors in my entire life and those were because I wasn't paying attention (this has been the hardest one for EVERY one of my past girlfriends to get used to- wife included))

My wife has a career. Our home life is a PARTNERSHIP. In her independance, she has NEVER tried to manipulate, control, or take away from my role as "man of the house". If anything, she would be disappointed in me if I didn't act like the man of the house (she has told me she wouldn't have married a pussy). BUT, she would never let me abuse that, as well. (Something I'm sure that we BOTH consdered before marrying each other).

But to answer the original question: American women only suck if they think well enough of you.


What's wrong with women that suck? I like women that suck...


No joke. Lets take away the vote, reinstitute slavery, beat up some gays and ban rock and roll. Then the world would be perfect again.

I would rather have a strong, smart, beautiful and confident woman (like my wife) than some repressed June Cleaver type that has to sip the cooking sherry just to get through her spirit crushing day.


Good read, "Bringing up Boys" by Dr. James Dobson.

"When the checks comes, where are they?" - George Costanza.


On what Professor X wrote:

Feminism indeed does teach what i stated. You steared your point of view into another arena, the arena of the home and upbringing, this is all together a different issue but in the end if thigs were perfect at home feminism would not have need to arise, so it's a moot point.

Feminism teaches confidence. With confidence the person is ready to fulfill any role they choose.


The one's that swallow are even better.


This is a silly assertion as no one forces women to be feminist, baby machines, etc.

This is the USA where you are free to do what you want with your life.

On a side note - If all woman did 'suck' then I think the world would be a more peaceful place.

Just my $0.02