American Project of Mind Control

The people playing chess with that poor man’s head look like zombies. I think the winner gets his brains. I cannot say for sure, I only say this based on how the picture speaks to me. I think this makes a worrying statement about the world as we know it today, though. Metaphorically, you know? But only in America and some other parts of the world, like Alaska.

A powerful statement that we as a race are being disected metaphorically (propaganda gets into our heads without us even noticing, nor caring), by metaphorical zombies (those who will be in charge of the new world order), who want to metaphorically eat our metaphorical brains (they want to control us, the minds of our people).

If we can spread this information, we can counter their mind-control propaganda with our own anti-mind-control propaganda tactics of propaganda. It will be difficult, but it is possible and if we can possibly do this, our possible new world overlords will get got to the maximum extent possible.

I am grateful to you for bringing this video to my attention. I will alert my family and the media, my local newspaper. As more and more peopel discover this, maybe we can do something. I have been wondering about this for a long time, and I’m relieved yet terrified to find a video that has confirmed my suspicions.

In the mean, “time,” quid pro quo et al, et tu, “brute.” Look at how those words relate to each other. They just feel right. I want you to consider their significance as you research more deeply into this topic.

Also, I want, “to,” know if you can feel it. The video asked the question, and I think I can. How would you feel if this was true?

WTF are you doing responding to this idiot? The more he posts, the madder I get, because singlehandedly through his anonymous and insightful posts he is bringing my evil worldwide conspiracy to its knees.

If only he would stop, and then we will have the power to conquer the universe by enslaving the human race because that’s useful to us because… shit. Now I’m so upset by how ssn0 is revealing our hidden Illuminati agenda I’ve lost my train of thought – only its an Illuminati train of thought, so its all secret and underhandedly evil and shit.

Oh YEAH! I was putting laser beams on puppies and dipping them into cheddar cheese! DUH! How could I forget? You see, we implant hidden subconscious messages in certain TV programs like American Idol and the upcoming Survivor series to make you desire “laser stuff” like DVD players, and the messages contain imagery which programs you foolish humans into liking puppies and cheese dip. That’s why you all are getting fat, BTW. It’s all us and our agenda of cheese.

Anyway, when we have trans-zombified everyone on earth, we can resurrect Hitler (who, incidentally, was really an alien like the rest of us Illuminati) with our hyper-advanced DNA technology and force all of you into camps where you will mass-produce cheese-dipped laser puppies for your new Alien Overmasters!


PS If you don’t like it, we will use our weather-controlling weapons to destroy one major city a week, just like we did to New Orleans. The only way you can foil our plans is if you get all your friends together and start posting the real hidden truth on as many different web forums as you can.

PPS Better hurry up! Remember how much you wanted to be a hero and save the planet ever since your mom told you that you couldn’t have your friends over to the house until all hours of the night to play D&D anymore.

That’s why you elected a mindless President! It’s so he can’t be remotely controlled by the equivalent Russian program.

It all makes sense!

nobody heard of MK Ultra???