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American Pie 2.

I saw American Pie 2. Me lika lot!!! Pretty damn funny and lots of hot chics. Two of them were in seriously good shape…great legs. Nuthin like a nice ass. Okay breasts are good too.

Keago :slight_smile:

A chick can have everything else going for her but if she ain’t got ass I don’t care. peace

I’ll second this. Just got back from watching it. Hilarious. Plus, the babes were hot, in great shape, nice firm arses.

American Pie 2 was just as funny as the first one! The chicks were really hot, especially Tara Reid… yummy!

And this one time... at band camp... ;)

Hey fuckfaces, I have an idea. How about I give you a spoon, and you eat my ass with it! LOL! That movie was great! We loved it!

NateDogg, Put your shirt on, your scaring the chicks away!

Let’s give him some support guys! clap clap

That was indeed great movie!!

Yes,those chics were hot!

pretty funny, although i kinda liked the first better, certain parts in this one were just too cheezy.