American Patriatism the New Religon?

This is a copy of a post I posted on another foum that I frequent and I didn’t get any response. I am interested in T-Nation responses, so let me have it. There has to be someone out there that has an opinion on this??

Me Solomon Grundy

With all that has happened since 9-11, have we put our country over God? Americans seem to have short memories. I can remember the outpouring of prayer, gifts (blood/money/time). In retrospect that was very short lived. Where do your loyalties lie? I have found it more difficult over the past few years to make since out of my feelings toward God and Country.

At one time they seemed to be on one path and now I feel that they diverged at some point in the past. I think that America needs a wakeup call. My fear is that if 9/11 didn?t do it, what will it take? I ask these questions because of what I have noticed in my own life. I am looking deeper than politics and policies. I look forward input of any kind.

First off, I’m amazed that nobody responded to your thread, Solomon, so I will.
I think it’s simple. People (Americans in general) are becoming so apathetic about life and death. All people care about anymore are their materialistic endeavors.

We have it too cushy and cozy in the states and whenever that happens we lose faith, honor, sense of duty, etc… And boda-bing boda-boom, we’re asking, “who’s GOD?”
It’s sad, really. But that’s the way it goes.