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American Medical Association Went Woke

Where is the AMA mandating this? Mind posting a link?


I think the AMA would release a statement saying “so-and-so is totally not cool.” Sounds legit.

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It’s not from the AMA, it’s from NACCHO (National Association of County and City Health Officials). I’d never heard of them before but it seems that they’re a non-profit group that’s been around for 4 or 5 decades. Here’s the document:


If you want a good laugh skim down to the part where they talk about world maps.

There are others as well.

Biden ate my homework

What you posted in the OP isn’t in any of those links. It doesn’t mean your point isn’t valid, but if you’re going to make it just use something from the AMA instead of a different association. Where’d you come across the pic in the OP by the way?

The original source your pic came from is downloadable from the NACCHO site as it’s their work:

Both associations seem to have a goal of better serving communities who’ve for various reasons struggled with health care problems more than others. It’s a good cause but it seems like it’d be possible to do so without a deep dive into all the other bullshit in all the links above.

The NACCHO may be the source of the table but everything posted is directly from the links provided. The AMA used it as an illustration (table 5).

  • it is in the equity language guide PDF in the first link.

Did I create the changes? Read the links all it does is create a victims mentality and take away personal responsibility.

So low income and it’s connection to coronary disease is everyone’s fault but, the individual? Got it.

People who do not seek health care → people with limited access.

Avoid terms like high risk, vulnerable. We know certain groups are predisposed to ailments now it is because they are marginalized socially and economically? Give me a break.

Why are you so worked up about the new kinder, gentler language recommendations?

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Maybe I haven’t read the links closely enough, I’ve just read what you posted, which appears not something produced by the AMA, but some reaction to it by an opponent. That made it read like another “haha, look at these poor dumb libtards” post, rather than any actual attempt to engage in meaningful discussion.

Edit: by the way, I agree with some of those proposed changes, I very much agree with others.

Nacho cheese

Not worked up, however I do find them funny. I abhor the majority of PC culture, but wouldn’t impose my will unto others.

Are you going to med school in America? Are these kinder gentler ways to use language being imposed, or being recommended by the AMA?

A: no

B: they’re a recommendation, albeit hilarious recommendations

I find them ridiculous, however I’m not going to work up a fuss over it.

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Stand up comedians must love you.

I don’t understand the reference.

How is blaming everything but, the individual kinder and/or gentler?

It is offensive to say an individual is obese? It is offensive to say said person is at high risk of diabetes, heart issues etc? It is a fact.

You are soft.

Says the snowflake melting at AMA recommendations that do not affect him at all.

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When those certain groups are socially and economically marginalized, it is.

How so? Should a person take no responsibility? Genetic predispositions are societies fault?

I am a minority and was raised in one of the roughest neighborhoods in California I nor anyone in my family is obese or have health issues. Those that do (friends/extended family) have no one but, their poor diet/exercise decisions to blame.